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  1. Ok I will choose Manchester
  2. I have to fast forward that bit when I watch that episode, way too weird
  3. Apparently someone from tumblr went but idk who but I guess Info will filter through at some point
  4. From deep south east London about 5 miles se of Greenwich
  5. Courtney doesn't show any emotions in that first picture.....
  6. rachelshamyfan


    I will remember Mike as being very kind and encouraging on my fan fiction stories and for our chats here and Twitter Sad news RIP Michael
  7. Talking of season renewal I would be happy with another 2 with an option for a 3rd at maybe less episodes? I just hope we hear something soon
  8. Wowzer to the shamy kiss picture "Fans face furiously"
  9. Thank you Kerry for an amazing report Episode sounds great apart from Lucy which I hope is a one off thing
  10. Any clue on when/if annoucement if there will be more seasons? I don't know if they would wait till the very end of the season?
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