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  1. Is rex a new adoption dog for Kaley?
  2. Bit of an obvious explanation into the not being an ensemble anymore The characters have grown from being single into relationships, it's then inevitable that they will therefore spend less time as a group together
  3. Well I was just asking if it was a good thing, not implying anything
  4. Tptb are keeping Lenny in the main apartment, isn't that a good thing for Lenny fans?
  5. What's the point in one couple having a baby that we never get to see?
  6. Yes they filmed the final episode this week, though the season 12 won't start airing until January It wouldn't surprise me if somewhere along the line Raj and Stuart end up being more than just friends
  7. So far I have only seen a few gifs and pics from the episode, that was plenty to leave me https://www.google.co.uk/search?q=happy+sigh+gif&client=ms-android-orange-gb&prmd=ivn&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwity_LhkPjQAhXkLcAKHRP_DQ4Q_AUICCgB&biw=320&bih=440#imgrc=yRMzCugjM1sgYM%3A
  8. I hope they bring her back as well, Emily is quirky and funny
  9. Thank you, this sounds like it's going to be very funny
  10. I can't quote the actual quote from above right now but if you are in a relationship why would you want to change the other person or take away his things? Isn't that like stripping away what you fell in love with? why change that?
  11. I always thought I'd be upset and go off on a rant if Sheldon was forced out of 4a but I like the way its being done, am happy with the 1st half of season 10
  12. Everything is coming up shamy, promo pics are cute as
  13. I rarely venture onto this board anymore but the recent and very weird discussion about a shelnard kiss had me like
  14. It didn't end, it just has long delays between seasons
  15. I love this show and am gutted its ending after 12 seasons Anyone have a favourite character and/or storyline? The Christopher Pelant story was good as was Gormogon though too short-lived Brennan and Booth are my favourites
  16. I went to New York for 4 days in June and it was amazing, am planning to go back with a combined trip to Canada in 2018
  17. I've been slowly catching up with episodes and I'm happy that the shamy are in a great place
  18. It's weird I have lost the obsession with needing spoilers like before, I'm still interested but I can wait till I get time to look or when I watch the episode Looking forward to whatever comes nexf for our shamy
  19. Oh ok ta, have been a bit behind everything tbbt recently
  20. Did Mayim say how she injured her back?
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