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  1. last episode excellent fantastic brilliant funny
  2. Warner brothers are making millions from the show, what they are paying the actors is a drop in the ocean really
  3. did anyone from here go to the taping?
  4. I've not been around much recently, mainly cos of getting engaged and boyfriend moving in but I woke up to some pictures and the sort of pictures that make me very enthusiastic for the shamy relationship and the future looks good from what I've seen
  5. I think 1 of the best cranky Sheldon scenes Jim did was in isolation complaining about being Amy's snuggle bunny, that was all kinds of good
  6. Well I asked my boyfriend out, does that count?
  7. Imo I don't think we should all get hopes up about the coitus thing, there is more to shamy than that, I'm happy with the current situation
  8. It appears from the taping report that it might be Berts
  9. So Amy had her hair done for a science party I hope we are not going to get multiple episodes of Amy and Sheldon not interacting
  10. Of the early shamy episodes which really stand out for you? As Kerry said, lunar because it's the start of a beautiful relationship then weirdly Zazzy because it shows how deep Sheldon was in with Any that he got 25 cats to "replace" her and also because I only discovered the show in season 4 Zazzy was the first episode I saw Am looking forward to shamy cuteness
  11. So if Bernadette is around 4-5 months then I hope we see the baby before the end of the year, unless tptb are planning the baby to be born on the anniversary of Mrs wolowitz passing away
  12. How far into the pregnancy is Bernadette meant to be?
  13. One day till table read, anyone else getting excited for the new season?
  14. That was one of my thoughts especially when you think that Sheldon hates germs and there would be all kinds of germs after a long time of no cleaning
  15. Is it weird that I'd love to see a bones/tbbt crossover or a cameo from Dr Brennan and Sheldon meeting, poor Sheldon wont know what's happening, Dr Brennan is very similar in smartness and also similar to Sheldon in not knowing about the non important things in the world I only say this as I was Following the tbbt comic con yesterday and Bones was there also
  16. Hiatus for me as well, been busy in r/l but will be back permanently once the season starts
  17. Oh yes I'm happy they got back together, was just curious about if they had gone a different way, though I hated the break up, I may of expressed my feelings on that many times!
  18. Out of curiosity, I'd like to know why they didn't explore the friendship only potential that Sheldon wanted to do in platonic, I know ultimately they got back together and had coitus within the next few episodes but it's a valid point
  19. I'm surprised that Jim didn't even get nomination for Emmy, thought he was terrific in season 9
  20. I picked 8 from 1-4 and 8 from 5-9, a mixture as I still enjoy the early seasons as much as the latter
  21. At the moment I'm not excited about the new season, idk why, usually by now in the past I am going crazy with anticipation, maybe its because shamy finished the season in a pretty good place and plus I've been busy but not long to go now
  22. Choosing 16 episodes was tough especially as I like quite a few from 1-3
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