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  1. Yes i can read a 400 page book in a day Have you ever sent a rude email or text to wrong person?
  2. False The next person has been on safari in africa
  3. had to look up smores! i like marshmallows never had them roasted though almost a yum dumplings
  4. the pudding is delightful, get loads of bread butter, cream and raisins and sultanas and chuck it in the oven and its delicious the bacon thing - yum garlic mushrooms in batter
  5. erm false next person is over 6 feet tall
  6. False next person loves Elton John
  7. False next person drives a motorbike
  8. well the uk one is very very sweet and i have never eaten a whole 1 cos it makes me feel sick! Fish tacos - yuk fried egg sandwich
  9. False The next person is the eldest child
  10. for reasons i dont know, i wasnt looking at the numbers properly obviously we are not almost there!!
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