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  1. Wellington - New Zealand
  2. False The next person has a nose stud
  3. False The next person is in the UK
  4. Its not something i would consider myself anyway!!! Just saw an article here in the UK about in todays paper and just wondering outloud really
  5. We know Sheldon in the past has said about how he is going to miss so much. maybe an opportunity could arise where there is a discussion about it on the show
  6. ahh, the eye-coitus scene ________________________________________ Thats a great way to describe the scene
  7. Went for driving lessons years ago, failed my test the 1st time and have never bothered to try again and living in london and working all days means i dont really need a car, though in my lottery winning future (i hope) i will have a chauffered driven luxury car
  8. Whilst running for a bus a couple of years ago managed to tear my left calf muscle, felt like an explosion in me leg After several days of pain the brusing appeared across the whole of the back of my leg and very colourful too!
  9. as leonard i never saw him as being good looking but out of his nerdy clothes johnny is actually pretty hot ________________________________________________ Have just noticed that the top Kaley is wearing is one that i have
  10. _________________________________________________ he/she is gorgeous, is it an alsation?
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