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  1. Nothing happened to Penny, when Kaley was injured _____________________________________________________ Yeah but a hand is more visible than a leg, unless they film her in such a way that we cant see her hand!
  2. They might be able to hide the bandage on her arm if she wears one of her cardigans but they will have to come up with something for the cast!
  3. Dont know about nerdy but when i was 6 i decided in my wisdom to put a coat over my head and ride around the living room on my bike, consequently crashing into the (glass) coffee table whereupon the glass tipped up and just missing my right eye managed to scrape open the skin next to it, resulting in loads of blood and several stiches and a very visible lifelong scar
  4. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-2190255/Mayim-Bialik-plays-car-accident-steps-arm-cast.html http://www.people.com/people/article/0,,20622047,00.html
  5. _____________________________________________ The picture of Jim and Mayim together is very amusing, they look like they are in character
  6. Oh and he also said in a episode where penny was teaching him acting that he and his body work best when acting a cool wary distance from each other, very much sheldon that Jim brings a lot to Sheldon's character and it works for me
  7. The Wiggly finger catalyst episode during the scene where Raj's wealth is being discussed? He responds to howards comment about Raj and how he probably wont listen to the guys because hes in love and Sheldon says "Can’t figure out what to do? I remember those days" Does that mean he is admitting he is in love with Amy or just that he was confused about his feelings?
  8. Oh god no, he has no defects aside from his knock knees and cute ass. But I would say Jim has the boyish awkwardness about him. Those are defects? O-kay. :D I think Jim also has a physical awkwardness about him, which suits his Sheldon character well. But with Sheldon he additionally has a stiffness and uptightness in his gait and body language, while Jim himself is more fluid. _______________________________________________ @pomita I think thats what i mean by the way he walks because of Sheldons general awkwardness around nearly everything, Jim has brought something extra to the character
  9. i posted as i have not seen any of the early episodes of season 5 so went to find the thread for this episode
  10. I wonder how hard it must of been for Simon and Kunal to learn the sign language
  11. Jim has such beautiful eyes and if a man has lovely eyes that draws me to them even more!
  12. That sounds like something i would be interested in but unfortunately i will be on holiday around that time, aaargh
  13. ________________________________ Yeah that was when he was supposed to help Howard move house but then howard was guilt tripped into not going and Sheldon took the brace thingy off as they were walking away That episode was the Dead Hooker one
  14. ______________________________________________________
  15. presumably its behind the windowy door in the below picture?
  16. _________________________________________ I have to agree with you
  17. They have Rock band on the playstation so that must like some rock
  18. http://www.fanforum.com/64860027-post237.html A sypnosis of the 1st episode if anybody interested
  19. Let's hope so. Luckily that eventuality is still a while off. @ Ely a Big Fan I love that leather jacket he was wearing. ______________________________________________ The leather jacket makes him look very cool
  20. Yeah its very different i think, Jim walks normally and the way Sheldon sort of bounces away with his upper body slightly bent forwards and the way he holds his arms by his side towards wherever he is going is the only way i can describe it Maybe im the only one that has noticed it
  21. Don't do that to your imagination Get better things to imagine... Enjoy with it That's a mental image I can do without! Why that woman is so popular is a total mystery to me. Wow, is she really popular? We would never have a presenter on a UK fitness programme in that condition. I'm generally shocked by her appearance. I would put money on that! He must want to pinch himself sometimes though, because it came a little later than he probably expected. I have this image of Todd supporting him for years and now he can give that back. That must be nice. Still, I have a feeling the show may not make 10 seasons as some people predict, or at least not for Jim. _______________________________________________ If gets more offers to do broadway shows then he may well take them up, he obviously enjoyed doing Harvey but maybe he is happy to do Big Bang for a while longer
  22. I like it when its longer anyway
  23. it amuses me everytime Jim has done a great job developing Sheldons character and quirkiness
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