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  1. Jim has this cute look about him
  2. Maybe the producers can write in an accident in the lab for Amy to cover the hand injury, not sure how they can hide it like they did with Pennys leg
  3. Welcome to the club. :D I loved see him do full 360-degree Spiderman twists on that show! I really want him to put me in his pocket... He could... _________________________________ _____________________________- Loving the Jim pics
  4. just found a screenshot of it http://the-big-bang-theory.com/gallery/picture/515/
  5. ____________________________________________________ he looks lovely here as well
  6. ______________________________ I like!
  7. Series 1 episode 6 Its a blue top with a couple of patches on it but tbh it looks like the top has got damp, i dunno!
  8. We need more pics of the lovely Jim
  9. Another favorite bit of that episode was when Howard said he ate a butterfly, the way he delivered the line and his facial expression when he said it was brilliant
  10. For me scenes with Penny and Sheldon always provide good comedic value
  11. Loved the part where Sheldon was dreaming that he was allowed to open the box, he looked so excited that he could open the toy and the attemps at trying to cover it up was typical of Sheldon, he cannot lie at all !
  12. Sheldons monologue speeches are great, Jim has said that when he has a tricky speech he practices and practices right up to the moment that he has to say it as he needs it to be fresh in his memory Think the Shamy will continue as slowly as it has been previous
  13. How often do they film bbt when in season anyway? Is it every day or once a week?
  14. ___________________________________ lol dont worry im constantly looking out for bits of news and pictures of him, from interviews i have seen of him and what others say about him he seems a very charming gracious man
  15. Because she got an audition for a dead hooker on csi (i think) and thats when she asked Leonard to drive him to the audition
  16. Kaley tweeted yesterday that she was back to big bang theory Jim is not going to get much time off then if he has just finished Harvey and now almost straight away BBT
  17. Another great pic of Jim looking fit Nice arms!
  18. no its ok by the time i get season 5 on dvd and managed to catch up , season 6 will be near to starting! thanks though
  19. I hope they do air it here in the UK going to email channel 4 and E4 to see if they will broadcast it (hopefully)
  20. Watching that final scene, i dont think Sheldon held Amy's hand because the others were doing it, everybody was watching the telly so it was likely a spontaneous thing for all of them but Amys reaction was good
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