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  1. Wish I could meet him one day if he ever comes to London
  2. _____________________________________________ Jim and Kaley are sweet together in the bloopers and the hug you mentioned was funny because Jim was being mischeivious
  3. I do wonder though whether Bernadete actually likes Amy for who she is and not just because she comes in tow with Penny
  4. Was so funny when Leonard walked into the apartment and asked what was going on and Sheldon said "we scored, im the wingman"!
  5. any picture of jim is always good and the 1st 1 above he looks fit!
  6. Sheldon and Leonard have got away with other things as well Fighting at the conference thing on season 1 and then Sheldon getting drunk and pulling down his trouserswhen he was scared of speaking when receiving an award Them at least you would of thought there would of been words spoken to them about their behaviour! Then again it is a sitcom!!
  7. have seen how he laughs from the gag reels on the dvd and its very infectious!
  8. I like how Sheldon and Amys relationship is going and whilst its going slowly sometimes thats good
  9. Does that mean they are not allowed to vote for themselves?
  10. Loved the video, Jim is so down to earth considering he has won major awards, he could of turned into a diva or the male version of a diva anyway but he seems very grounded and very gracious towards the writers of the show and Sheldon is my favorite character on BBT
  11. Only 2 things i did not like and that was Mr Bean as i cannot stand Rowan Atkinson anyway and Paul McCartneys offkey singing and he was using some sort of backing track as well, the rest was brilliant
  12. Also with that big picture she brought Penny, she tried to value the friendship on length and width of the picture then by the cost, maybe shes just a bit naieve and does not know boundaries Sheldon on the bongos was terrific fun to watch though "Wherever the music takes me kitten" not a line you would expect Sheldon to ever say!
  13. ok thanks i shall look forward to watching that
  14. oh ta, will have to wait till i get home and watch it, cant see it at work!
  15. Bearing in mind that the president and board of directors also got hit and Sheldon himself came up on the computer admitting it was him, do we know if that would of got Sheldon into trouble with his superiors? It wasnt mentioned
  16. I do wonder whether Amy has had many friends in her life because she has become very attached to Penny quite quickly and maybe thats why she is why she is, she doesnt know how to deal with friendship feelings properly
  17. Who is it that votes? The general public?
  18. ___________________________________________________ I wonder how many takes it took Jim to get that right, its a lot to remember!
  19. Obviously I know its just a picture as the apartment is in a studio but that scene from the picture is it from a real street or area in Pasadena? Also this might sound stupid but how do they make a room fill with sunlight?
  20. I do like some of his checked trousers, he should wear them more often!
  21. Just an observation and it may be just me that thinks this, when Penny was cutting Sheldons hair, his face seemed a little strange and not very Sheldonlike, more that Jim wasnt totally in character, maybe im wrong!
  22. Loved the scene with Amy and Sheldon cuddling and the negotations that led to it
  23. Its strange how Raj and Howard never refer to Leonard and Sheldon by their surnames but L&S do for R&H yet both Raj and Howard out of earshot of each other do the same about each other Is this normal for a group of men to refer to each other this way? I know plenty of groups of men who refer to each other by their 1st names and never by the surnames just curious!
  24. Another example is when he told the FBI cop that Howard crashed the mars rover and he was feeling guilty about that and made a big deal about apologising
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