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  1. I dont know why people feel they need to lable Sheldon with anything like that, he is what he is and he is less uncomfortable with people now from when the show 1st started
  2. I love how they are jumping around to the music and when Penny walks in they all stop
  3. Saw this episode for the 1st time last night and I have to say the scenes in the gym with Sheldon and Kripkie were so funny, was laughing hard at their attempts to do anything
  4. Ah good for Jim and Mayim and the show in general When is the awards night?
  5. Does he wear his clothes on specific days like he does his pyjamas? Just wondering as when Sheldon went to go Jogging with Penny he was wearing a flash t shirt that he said something about it being friday any I presumed that it meant he always wears it on a friday I especially like his Green Lantern tshirt and he has a red top that he wears regular, the one in the panty pinata episode where they are having takeway
  6. I have to agree with 2 broke girls, i tried to like it but its not funny and definetly not appealing (more appalling)!
  7. What happened to the big green parcel that penny originally brought into the apartment when she first asked Sheldon if he was having a christmas tree? In the end Penny gave Leonard an envelope for motor cycle lessons
  8. I like the Sheldon/Amy relationship best out of all the couples
  9. We see a bit of growth from Sheldon in this episode when he realises he said the wrong thing and he says sorry to Howard and means it
  10. ________________________________________ The top picture of Jim is just well good
  11. Especially in his earlier interviews he would get his words mixed, nerves I would guess, and who could blame him, but it is an endearing quality. I always remember that interview with Craig Ferguson where I am sure he meant to say ostentatious but he said auspicious instead, anyway Craig being Craig picked up on it pretty quickly and it was hilarious. I remember that, I thought he meant 'conspicuous' and said auspicious instead. Jim and Craig together are a riot. I would think that he'll have a lot to say and do about the Higgs discovery. Remember that he's already worked on the topic (his paper to Hawking regarding the Higgs boson as a black hole moving backwards in time, and even earlier). _________________________________________________ I guess they can do a bit more exploring of that nature, im not very knowledgable on all that Sheldon and Leonard are talking about but its fascinating learning about everything
  12. The scene where Leonard and Sheldon are rolling around the bed fighting over the ring has to be one of the funniest moments ever and Pennys reaction was good too
  13. Sheldon training penny was hugely amusing and even more funny was Sheldon squirting Leonard with water
  14. Its interesting how Sheldon was questioned on how he changed to a different restuarant without going by the roomate agreement yet in a previous episode Leonard went and got something from a different restuarant causing Sheldon to question Leonard about it
  15. This is one of the best episodes from the series, Sheldon plays a sick person very well and the look on Pennys face when she had to rub that cream on sheldons chest!
  16. I would say that Penny and Sheldons relationship is more brother/sister close friends thing than anything else, both of them go to each other be it for advice or when Sheldon is sick and hurt in Penny's case, i like their relationship, they have some good lines together and they are the funniest non-couple in the show It will be good to see how far the writers can take Sheldon and Amy because she is getting to him slowly and he knows it
  17. The thing i would like to know is, now that they have discoverd the higgs particle would that not mean the job Sheldon is doing would increase because of the new found knowledge and that would then lead to more things being found out in the universe, rather than him possibly? losing his job, am only thinking aloud here because of what he said to Bill Prady, maybe Jim himself does not know and thats why he brought it up. I guess we will find out in due course!!!
  18. I like Amy she has changed a lot (for the better) from the beginning of season 4 when she was a bit robotic like when she spoke to people and I think Sheldon is falling big time for her
  19. What did Jim mean when he apparantly wrote to Bill Prady and said that finding the higgs particile could have consequences for his job? Apparantly Johnny flight was delayed so he couldnt make it in time
  20. Yeah but we know what Sheldon is like, everything has to be so that it suits him and we know he doesnt like anything to get in the way of that Have to say Sheldon was looking very handsome in this episode
  21. Have you got a link for the tbbt board please?
  22. Oh i know they are good, i just think in general they got bad reviews at the time, does not stop my enjoyment of them though!!!
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