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  1. Another funny moment is when Sheldon and Leonard are rolling around the bed fighting over the lord of the rings ring
  2. My favorite moment from this episode is when Penny and Sheldon are in the hospital waiting room and she asks him to be comforting and Sheldon showing his way of comfort, just totally hilarious
  3. Also everything about the scene where Sheldon and Penny are in the hospital and she asks him to be comforting is just hilarious
  4. Props would answer the question of if there was "meat" on the table because then Johnny def would not eat it and there was a scene in the bloopers where Jim forgot his line whilst eating with Penny and Kaley said sarcastically dont worry the food tastes so good
  5. Not really a light eater but if had what they have sometimes for lunch when you see their plates piled up high i would not have a takeaway or dinner in the evening, probably just something very small
  6. I have several favortes The whole episode where Sheldon helps penny after she hurts her shoulder, the hugging Penny napkin episode, the one where Sheldon and Amy are dancing and the kiss and the episode where Sheldon and Amy cuddle, the negotiations are what make the scene and when they had the time machine and they are all in the hallway and Sheldon spots Penny and calls her (quite rightly) a hypocrite over the toys and stuff
  7. ________________________________________ Especially when they have lunch in the cafeteria that would do me for the rest of day the amount of stuff they pile on their plates!
  8. Well we know that Sheldon hates Greek food as shown in the episode where he said the food tastes like sweat!
  9. ______________________________________________ I like a lot of Artists and bands but Queen are my favorite of all of them, Rock is my favorite Genre
  10. Its funny how Sheldon is ocd about tidiness yet is happy to go to bed leaving food and drink on the coffee table!!
  11. Nokia C7 Smartfone, contract is up in november so i will hopefully get an iphone or something similar to what i have now
  12. Am a scrabble addict, having played 3000+ games
  13. Have remember a couple of episodes where Jim eats and does not play with the food and both the times are when he is in Pennys apartment, when the others went to Las Vegas and the one where Leonard and Penny broke up
  14. When they are pushing the food around thats really the only time on the show that bugs me a bit
  15. ______________________________ In the first series in the cheesecake factory i forget whcih episode but its an early episode, he has a burger on his plate but not actually eating it. I will try and find some more examples!
  16. Just wondering if Johnny really is a vegetarian would he tolerate meat on his plate even if he isnt going to eat it?
  17. __________________________________ many thanks!
  18. Series 2 The Maternal Capacitance Thanks!
  19. _________________________________________________ After they had done their experiment of lights being controlled from "elsewhere" they had obviously been there a long time because Leonard was throwing empty cans and food wrappers away and he found the letter there whilst he was doing that
  20. we see him on the show eating meat dishes unless what he is eating is a meat substitute
  21. I like the song in the Penny Blossoms episode and also the made up song by Sheldon when they are talking about making the App in earshot of Penny, Sheldon bursts into song to stop her hearing what they are discussing
  22. Sheldons song was great! Plus Sheldon just randomly helping Penny out was sweet as well
  23. To be fair it is Sheldons apartment so he can set the rules to how he wants and people (penny) should accept it, was another good episode though
  24. I love this episode and considering Sheldon has said that he does not like dancing he is very good at it and the 2nd episode where we see him dancing, if you can call it dancing in episode 3 of season 1 I just love the look on Sheldons face after Amy has kissed him
  25. rachelshamyfan


    I love watching Sheldon try to deal with his emotions towards Amy, its like he is fighting with himself, he definetly wants her in his life and the episode where she made him dinner was hilarious especially as he was saying that Amy would not get to him
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