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  1. mine are 1. whose line is it anyway ( i got the dvds, american and british versions) 2. all in the family 3. sanford and son,
  2. i dont know if there is a thread about this, but i enjoy 1. final fantasy advent children 2. grumpier and grumpy old men, 3. the odd couple 1 and 2
  3. the things i consider reality tv is like dirty jobs, and how its made,
  4. i know this is a late reply, but it has something to do with the thread, the shows i hate today, are the stupid reality singing shows like american idol and the x factor, some of the other shows i hate are reality shows like hoarders, and expecially the one that shows toddlers dressed like adult tramps (toddlers and tiaras on tlc), and also glee, since it came along, they just about remade almost every song that came out, from the 1960s to todays song, i even heard them redo a song that has been out only a week
  5. my coolest thing is getting a job on a 1940s steam driven sternwheeler, i help maintain the boiler and the engines, also i get to go on cruises, here is a pic of the boat
  6. final fantasy7, crisis core, and i also enjoyed dirge of cerberus
  7. i have final fantasy 1 through 7 (7 is the playstation version) and crisis core (psp), dirge of cereberus(playstation 2), dissida1 (psp) and also legend of zelda ocarina of time, mario 64, simpsons road rage( playstation 2) right now i am finishing up dirge of cerberus
  8. the one thing i was wondering when i was watching the show is, if they will ever fix the elevator
  9. i am new to the threads, i have been a fan of big bang for two weeks now, i discovered it on fox while i was searching the television for something to watch, and what got me hooked was the comics and video game references and sheldons personality which is like mine, ] a little about me, i enjoy video games like final fantasy ( the seven series is my favorite),
  10. i know this is a old thread, but i am a gamer, i like the final fantasy series (favorite games are the seven series), i even have the action figures, and most of the games and movies, i also like zelda, mario,
  11. i discovered the show one day when i was sitting in my living room, and i was waiting for the simpsons to come on, so i turned the channel to fox which had the big bang theory on, and after watching it a while i got hooked, i kind of relate with sheldon, i like comics, i collect action figures ( final fantasy), and i am a "nerd", so i relate with the guys
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