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  1. Priya, we already know Penny cant fight based on season 2
  2. Thank god Kaley didn't win. She really isn't that great of an actress. But i'm a little bugged if Tweens are watching something I like.
  3. She was at her hottest on Season One of 8 Simple Rules. Now shes like 30, not that beautiful
  4. I liked the show WAY BETTER without Amy and Bernadette. Howard is no longer fun and Amy is creepy. They in turn ruined Sheldon and Howard. I used to be a BIG Leonard and Penny backer(hence the SN) But I do hear you. They have NOTHING in common. I guess I just liked it because I've been there. A guy with glasses who likes the sexy blonde haired chick out of his league. I'm no geek like Leonard though lol. I wanted him to get what I couldn't. As for the characters, minus Penny I feel like they've all regressed. As for Penny it would be IMPOSSIBLE to regress any worse than she was. The show used to be better but it's not insufferable like Modern Family has become. I feel like this show could go another 8-10 years and i'm OKAY with that.
  5. It's obvious that since they couldn't go to Vegas they should be playing something like Poker in its place...or the Joey Tribiani of Friends version.
  6. Not sure I understand the comment there. Seth only has his hands on Animation Domination(which outside of American Dad)is pretty awful.
  7. Sheldon and Penny wouldnt happen. She puts up with his annoyances but he drives her insane. He criticizes her at every turn.
  8. I think if they want to it could EASILY go past 10. They beat out American idiot last night with RE-RUNS http://insidetv.ew.com/2013/04/19/american-idol-big-bang-theory/
  9. She;'s been in some big movies, I can't deny that. But she's also worked with some very popular actors like Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson.
  10. Seinfeld had two comedians and two actors. Michael Richards was pretty old by the time that ended, he did some stuff inbetween, Jerry wasn't an actor. Elaine was as bad as Penny is, they were just both hot. Jason Alexander was alright but never was a household name, usually secondary roles
  11. Maybe three of them can't function without Leonard. Raj, Sheldon and Penny. Raj is arguable.
  12. What was wrong with the Roseanne ending? Good 90's show
  13. That was in the first 5 minutes of the series so makes sense.
  14. Penny a mother? This shits comical. I honestly have doubts that Leonard and Penny will be together by shows end. Even Ross and Rachel on Friends didn't end up together at the end, despite accidentally having a kid. if they do end up together I would like to see it play out and atleast have a season or two with the babies involved. I'm not sure at this point I care. To some people the show died and became reincarnated awhile ago.
  15. Lets be honest, blonde chick has sex all the time, sex is sex to her, an addiction like alcohol to an alcoholic, etc. I doubt a nerd in bed is anything special.
  16. Where do you find the taping report readings at? I was thinking this episode was much about Sheldon and another silly contract agreement.
  17. You don't??? Look, I could get being distraught and caught off guard. But then she got all self absorbed and ignored Leonard and everything. Being mad or fristrated is acceptable. But then to treat your boyfriend like shit in the process and ignore him the whole time and make him feel like shit is a bit much. I mean the way they came home was BS. Its not even like they had a fight this time.
  18. No offense but she tried to do things like take an interest in his career the first time, Sheldon taught her a course.
  19. Preach on!!! You got what I was meaning. What has she done to deserve an improvement with the acting career? She had a commercial on a horse. Wow, One thing in 6 years. She even went to college(for a different reason)and didn't try too hard. Leonard wrote her a better paper and she got all mad, turned around and had Bernadette write one. You're just doing what you asked another smart person to not do.
  20. That is what I am talking about more so, the acting and that self growth like career wise, does not deserve it.
  21. You win. 95% of the episode was TERRIBLE. The only thing I liked prior to the last 5 minutes was Howard and Bernadette bitching over the XBOX. Penny was so self absorbed. I can get being distraught but at the same time...the dope cheated on you. Maybe it's just me but I wuldn't care at that point. He cheated on me, screw him so to speak. She basically ignored Leonard and made him feel like a silver medal. I'm glad Leonard spoke his mind, in seasons past he would have gone into HIS apartment and gone to bed leaving the situation alone and then they would have met up the next day doing laundry or something and then pull a sappy bit and go assbackwards. She really has major issues if she thinks the geeky guy wearing glasses would cheat on his hot blonde girlfriend. Leonard probably couldn't do better in the looks department. Atleast she admitted something...for once. I still have my doubts though that it will work out for them.
  22. How not? We know by now Sheldon is socially eccentric(even if the writers are "unwilling" to come out and say it.) Sheldon is basically autistic. So he gets a pass for not knowing how to deal with this kinda stuff. But someone like Penny who has been with a billion guys should know how to deal with this situation and with relationships in general.
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