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  1. I was watching preview on Volovich in space in Russian space station His name tag in Russian is not correct !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Most of Jew came from Russia, allot people can read in Russian and Google translate Take 2 sec .Why recherche on show is sloppy ? This misspelling is in repeat all the time on TV in preview every 10 min allot Jew descendent know how to spell the name in original formal For example Schwartz is only “шварц†5 letter – look very beautiful and easy to spell in russian For example Lifshitz is spell very beautiful in Russian “лифшиц†only 6 letters, nothing to be ashamed o.f The typical ending tch - is only one letter beautiful “ц†So Volovitsh in Russian is “Воловиц†please correct your Russian translation is on TV in your final episode and preview People from Israel (around 2 million) Russian Jew will offended by your mistake Allot people a speak Russian in USA and Canada,( 5 million and more arround globe 350 million) so please show some respect for this beautiful name and letter “ц†at your final episode .THanks
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