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  1. Leonard smokes :o ? well I never...
  2. Not sure about Episode..Too many! For scene though: When Sheldon rings Wolowitz to inform him he is ill & Wolowitz uses his Mothers accent to lie to Sheldon..oh my I was laughing for AGES!
  3. TBH, i wouldn't want to see Sheldon with anyone.We would have to focus on additional parts & I just prefer the original, old Sheldon
  4. Nice to see you didn't give up ;')
  5. I Sincerely hope not..Gosh that 'Yellow' is disgusting..
  6. I totally agree with your thread! I miss the old Sheldon..
  7. Hello, hopee you have fun :D
  8. Title..Sums it up? o.O Quick Info :') = My real name is a secret; I am 15 Years old & in Year 11. I wish to go to University and get a Masters degree. My favourite 5 'Big Bang Theory' characters are: Sheldon, Wolowitz, Penny, leonard and...I only have 4 it seems..My least favourite vary from: Amy, bernadette, wil wheaton, Raj, Comic store dude, kripke etc..I know I only seem to like a few characters but they do the job. I absolutely love this show, the comedy is amazing, fun and witty. I look forward to meeting you all & yeah...don't know what else to say? ..Bazinga..Goodbye :x P.s How can I add a signature? Thank You..
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