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  1. Totally agree. I used to love this show, but now my MOTHER does. sigh Still love the first few seasons though, and many parts of the new episodes.
  2. BCE isn't "based" on BC, it's a secular acronym used by scientists, historians, and all of academia (and Jewish culture) to refer to the common era by which most of the civilized world is forced to adhere. I'm not saying that anything scientific happened at 0 CE itself, I'm saying that the secular terminology is conducive to an academic/scientific setting, and that it is more accurate to say we are in the Common Era than to say we are "In the year of our [expletive]". As for the Roman Empire example, I'd have no problem with that since it is not explicitly tied to religion, especially xtian
  3. Don't get me wrong I love the show, but there's something I just noticed in their intro sequence (watch ). They use a very offensive calendar-related term that, while commonly used by ignoramuses in the public sphere, has absolutely no place in a science-themed program— BC (standing for "Before [xtian deity]"). As a Jewish atheist (yes that's a real thing) and esteemed scientist (the antithesis of your typical dumb American xtian invalid), I am boycotting this program until they fix this insane error and change it to the proper scientific term BCE (standing for "Before Common Era").
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