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  1. As a relatively casual viewer (always watch, but my life isn't impacted) I like and enjoy both A/S and P/L as couples and have few complaints with the writing. I thought Penny's "L" bomb was very effectively dropped in this ep and enjoyed Leonard not getting that he was being hit on. His insecurity and lack of self worth is one of the major problems in the P/L relationship. He needs to value himself, and maybe this is the beginning of that arc for him. If so, kudos to the writers.

    Though I like Howard, I feel the "move out from your mom" thing has been worn out, and I'd rather see Howard and Raj together (not as a gay couple but as friends) because the dynamic is more interesting.

  2. I am so excited about getting this DVD. I just started watching the show on DVD back in late spring, so I haven't seen any of season 5. I feel a BBT marathon coming on.

    Breaking out the intoxicating beverages tomorrow night...

  3. What's next? Poop jokes?

    I'm kind of lukewarm on the Bernie character, but I'd like to point out that poop jokes have been a feature of this series from the get go.

    Example: Sheldon evacuates his bowels every morning at a set time, and as per the roommate agreement, gets the bathroom at this time.

  4. mmmm ... as Edward Norton, in Primal Fear

    One of the few times in cinema that I actually got a physical reaction to something - the hair literally stood up on the back of my neck at the reveal. Creep. E. Love Norton.


  5. I would love to see Jim play a guest role on NCIS or some such show - he would really be good as the suspect.

    Yes, I think he'd make a superb serial killer. LOL Some of my very favorite Sheldon scenes in BBT are when he gets very serious describing his home situation as a kid. He brings an angry intensity to those that bodes well for other characters he might play in the future.

  6. This is a problem for any actor whose big breakout role is such an iconic one. If he plays a character drastically different in another film or broadway, people may be put off because they want to see him be Sheldon whenever they see him. When he's a serial killer (even if he rocks as one), they're disappointed. It's kind of silly and very unfortunate, but fans do it all the time.

    He's an actor, folks, get over it. It's impossible to know his range yet, because we haven't had an opportunity to see him do a lot of different things. I hope he gets many and varied roles. Harvey was a small step in that direction - hope he continues to move away from Sheldon in his work outside BBT. I think his choice of roles will be critical in his longterm success.

  7. Do you ever find yourself applying quotes and funny stuff from BBT to your actual life?

    I was out of town staying in a hotel last week and I very nearly slipped in the shower/tub on morning. The first thing that popped into my mind was, "Where are the whimsical ducks when you need them?"

    Anybody else?

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