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  1. If they want to introduce a gay character into the show, it would be much funnier and decidedly less cliche if they wrote it to be one of Penny's old macho looking/acting boyfriends. Just sayin'. Let's break some stereotypes here.
  2. Of all the main male characters, Raj would actually make the "best" boyfriend/mate/husband. He's a nice guy, he's sensitive, he's pretty normal, and if he ever got over his "thing" about talking to women, he'd be knee deep in potential girlfriends (despite the sweater vests). If they give the character a girlfriend, I hope it's someone nice. It could be hilarious if she was smoking hot, too, and the guys were insanely jealous. Maybe someone of Native American descent so he could tell his folks he was dating an Indian.
  3. Surely they will. It's the biggest news in theoretical physics for ages. Also, I was listening to Science Friday on NPR today discussing Higgs boson and Ira Flatow was interviewing a theoretical physicist from CalTech. I imagined him looking like Sheldon with a bow tie, etc., and kept wondering when his voice was going to rise from the helium.
  4. (that's what she said) If I click on it, it becomes full sized and readable.
  5. Aside from the obvious reason that they are not compatible personality wise, mysophobic Sheldon would never have sex with Penny, even with a thousand condoms. He knows where she's been.
  6. I fail to see why the two must be mutually exclusive. Can't we have both?
  7. I agree that there should be a slow progression, but eventually, yes. Whether it should be a Pon Farr surrender to biology (they both get very horny), or a logical progression of following the path of evolutionary human survival (risk of a companion's germs is superseded by the quest for immortality by passing on one's genes) - that is the question. I think I would prefer the latter, but either could be funny and maybe a tad touching. Remember that episode where Amy shows Sheldon how to massage his shoulder? I anticipate a similar epiphany with coitus. Hopefully there will be a living
  8. The England/Sweden game was great! Today's games okay but I'm really looking forward to Sunday's games.
  9. Woohooo! Hollywood reporter review NYT review There's a lot more good in that NYT one, I just picked one paragraph. Entertainment Weekly review The AP and Variety reviews were bad. I have not included them.
  10. Glad you had a great time Kyzzx, and thanks for the report. Today is the official review day - hope the critics like it. Not because I necessarily respect critics, but for JP's sake.
  11. No, they should never, ever have sex. Bazinga!!! :D
  12. I think it's: "I informed you thusly, I so informed you thusly."
  13. One of my favorite Sheldon moments is when he agrees to play the card game to get back at Wil Wheaton, thinks he has him beaten, and then cannot crush "a man who loves his Meemaw." And then, bless his empathetic little self, he gets burned. The whole scene is priceless and well played.
  14. Thanks for that link to the Harvey excerpt. Looks like Mr. Parsons is doing a wonderful job.
  15. Watching the full moon come up over the mountains outside our cabin. Gorgeous!
  16. Two new elements were added to the periodic table! Livermorium (116) and Flerovium (114) Let's par-tay!
  17. Most of my favorite quotes center around Sheldon's scientific and factual relations of social convention, but the best ones are when he includes his Texas upbringing and weaves the knowledge of those sayings/mores into the statement. (like his observation on Texas football, which I found hilarious) And sometimes he's a great geek version of Tom Lehrer. (Fight Fiercely Harvard...) But if I have to pick one, I laughed at this one for several minutes, off and on:
  18. Those are gorgeous. Congrats to them - a baby is joy.
  19. Maybe it will be Penny Saverne. *rim shot*
  20. She could get a decent acting job and then have a revelation that the people she was working with were shallow and superficial, begin to miss the geeks, and eventually come to see she really does love Leonard.
  21. You're welcome. Soft kitty, hungry kitty What is there for lunch? Op er tune Istic kitty Munch munch munch. ...I'll be here all week...
  22. Well, the name of the show is "The BIG BANG theory." Just sayin' My apologies if this has been pointed out before - I'm a newbie.
  23. A bobcat would not attack a human adult as prey - we are much too large. However, I suppose if there was a fresh mountain lion kill that was abandoned, a bobcat might have a couple of fingers for lunch...
  24. I must also strongly disagree with this. Comedy is difficult, and there are many good dramatic actors who fall on their faces when they attempt comedy.
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