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  1. That is awesome, Aevitas! I'm stealing that one.
  2. I might point out that this is hardly a scientific study...
  3. I'm Batman! ...or is that taken?
  4. I don't mind the character at all, so I'm hoping she lives. But if she dies, I'm quite sure it will be with a big bang, and not with a whimper.
  5. Did Raj go from Kshatriya to Vaishya or something?
  6. Thank you @4 of N. I'm a newcomer and that saved me a lot of time.
  7. I haven't seen season 5 yet. I'm a late comer to the show, and I didn't want to watch the end of season 5 without having seen the beginning of season 5. Now I can't wait even more. *fidgets*
  8. While I will agree that British comedy is often much more subtle (I love a much of it, too), this is strong finger wagging from a country that gave us Mr. Bean. Plus, watching many years of sit-coms is not necessarily the endorsement that you might consider it to be. I loved the first few seasons of the American version of The Office. I also love Monty Python. I'm a witch!
  9. Team Dolly! Don't forget, Moon Pies originated in Tennessee.
  10. Best places I've ever visited? It's a toss up between three places: Tambopata River, Peru Galapagos Islands Alaska, Copper River I've never been to Italy but I hope to go someday. Florence sounds absolutely fabulous - lucky y'all.
  11. Couldn't agree more! I think the reason Spock is his hero is because on some level, he realizes he has emotional parts too, yet is he constantly trying to ignore them. He can identify with Spock, and his occasional slips into the world of emotion.
  12. Huge soccer fan here, and ditto on these - - except I've never attended the World Cup. (someday...someday) I also enjoy Pro football, Univ of Ky college basketball, and Aussie league rugby on the rare occasion it's on here (I'm in the US). Big horseracing fan as well (flat in US).
  13. Do you know where the Sahyadri mountains are?
  14. This. Well said. I have seen this happen in other shows/fandoms. People tire of the premise and decide the show is gone to pot, characters are different, etc etc etc. and pretty much hang on only to complain. A group of fictional characters cannot stay static in a show, otherwise there is no story. While a show can be run into the ground way after there's anything to say (NBC's The Office comes to mind) I personally think this show is fresh enough for another couple of seasons, at least.
  15. I don't think she will - not because she isn't good, but because the character isn't that unusual. Sort of like Fischer and Krasinski on The Office - they made the show great, but their characters were everyman - not unusual or showy.
  16. Plus NBC's Thursday night comedies are flailing - they probably want to pick up all those Office/30 Rock viewers.
  17. Me, too. This is a spot on summation of the evolution of this relationship, and is one of the reasons I continue to enjoy the show. There truly is someone for everyone.
  18. I like Amy Farrah Fowler. I don't think she's farfetched - exaggerated maybe, but AFF's do exist in the world. I also don't think she's ruined Sheldon - characters on sitcoms that run multiple seasons have to evolve or the story ceases to be interesting. Besides, real people evolve - just ask Darwin.
  19. Southern accents are very different, but as Convict 13 pointed out, his meemaw doesn't have to be from Texas. Dolly Parton is an inspired choice. Seeing her sing "soft kitty" to Sheldon would be epic, and she's very funny.
  20. Hi, I'm new here - had to find someplace to talk about this show. I recently became hooked on BBT DVD's and I'm about half way through season 4. May it live long and prosper.
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