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  1. Am I the only one that thinks this shows premise keeps getting crippled, I mean every new episode pretty much breaks the show in my opinion. I miss the days of seasons 1-3, the show was funny incorporated science and had alot more comedy in it. It feels like I'm watching a completely different show. I was glued to my television with the earlier seasons, I used to know every episode word for word. That's how many times and me and my brother watched it. Now we watch it, but not with the same vigor like we used to. This show has lost its niche. And if it keeps going at this pace I'm afraid I won't really be watching it anymore. Reason the show is getting worse every episode. 1.Lack of science 2.Too much concentration on the relationships. 3.Lack of depth Leonard's character is displaying. 4.The amount of screen time they give Amy...
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