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  1. This guy has no CLUE about the show....We have watched this show so many times that we can honestly quote most episodes as if you were listening to a song on the radio that you love. First off, I don't think many people who actually "love" the show like myself and my husband do relate to Penny in anyway, shape or form. If you are going to rip the show up like you do, if the person that posted this is the one that wrote the garbage, pick apart the episodes AFTER you have watched them ALL about ten times and then post an article that is worthy of ripping apart the show. I will admit this season is a bit lackluster, however it is still a good show and much better than most shows on this day and age. Its hard to find shows that last ten seasons since the big ones have left broadcasting such as "Friends" and "Seinfeld", that grow the characters well and plays to a different audience. Yes there are plenty of shows that have been on awhile, however those shows don't play to the true nerds out there like TBBT does for me. I was a nerd all my life, just because you do a few things that you pointed out that you do and if you claim that you identify with Penny, you sir are not a nerd. My husband is better at going through articles and pointing out all your contradictions. There were many as we read through the first four paragraphs and stopped reading because it was wasting my time and my husbands time. I also just seen that the person that posted this did not write it, and I am not taking anything out on you LOL. I just hate when someone rips apart my favorite show without clearly watching it as much as a FAN would watch it. He just seems to not have watched it very much from the way that he talks about it.
  2. Title says it all. I will post a picture of the little sweetheart, we have tossed around a few names...Smeldor, Proton, Lenny, and I suggested Sheldon which he didn't like but I told him it would fit perfectly because the kitten will go through that annoying phase here in a few months... So please post your ideas for a TBBT themed kitten name, NO Zazzles either husband didn't care for that one. He is a kitten out of our litter that we are keeping because hes just so dang adorable we can't resist. Mother is getting fixed as soon as they are completely weaned off which should be another week or two.
  3. We constantly quote the show throughout life. When we watch Wheel or Jeopardy, if they speak of flags, we do Sheldon's little hand gesture when he says "Fun with Flags". We are naming our MMORPG characters after the show. I have Tondelayah Della'Ventamiglia and he has Ricardo ShillyShally. I think he also has one named Einstein VonBrainStorm as well. We are heavy TBBT fans watching the show almost everyday old episodes, reliving the newer ones whatever we choose to cheer us up during a down moment. TBBT was our ringtone for the longest time, stupid cheap phone we have to use now won't play it for some reason.....We are constantly quoting the show, I think one of our favorite things is when we walk across the floor my husband will go Boing Boing....The supper between Sheldon and Amy when he is listening to Super Mario Music. Yeah we are geeks,nerds....There I said it...I feel better
  4. I am still shocked, we just got a car today so I am hoping their marriage and our car lasts for many years or until the show ends for the "reality" folks out there LOL. This has been an amazing day, Thank you show producers for bringing me a show that gives this couple more happiness than money ever could bring us. I even see tears in my husband's eyes, but he cries at the drop of a hat lol. This is just so awesome, can't stop thinking about it!!!
  5. OMFG THEY ARE ENGAGED!!!!!! Tears literally welled up in my eyes when she said YES!!!!
  6. I am just anxious to see what this moment that is being talked about....is all about LOL. I loved the D&D episode, thought the ending was just great and really looking forward to seeing a Shamy sappy moment. To us, the Thanksgiving episode with drunk Sheldon was just hilarious and him smacking her on the butt was just classic not to mention the look on her face.
  7. We just finished watching this week's episode and I tell ya I really thought Sheldon was growing a little bit there with the conversation that him and Leonard had, I also think the proposal with Penny is a sticky subject. We ( husband and I) think that while he should have said yes since she was drunk and would more than likely not have remembered it the next morning, he did the right thing and she of course will realize this as the OP posted for the next episode. I however love how they are making Sheldon like their child. The episode where she took him to Disney World is one of my favorites. The episode where they are arguing and she insists that Leonard buy him the robot is another one of my favorite episodes. Sheldon is very child like and they both realize this and this is why he is treated as such. I think if they do move them all in together, it will not be permanent. I don't think it will be a complete move either. I think it will be on a trial basis and something will happen and she will go back across the hall. I really enjoy this show as my husband does as well, so honestly I see no wrong with tonight's episode other than it felt like it left you hanging just a bit. We are heavy, hardcore TBBT fans who can recite episodes because we hate dang near everything else on TV right now with an exception of very few shows. Justified, Sons of Anarchy, Walking Dead and True Blood which is coming up on its last season. I wish they would speed up Amy and Sheldon's relationship just a tad because I just feel so dang sorry for Amy and how she is constantly looking for intimacy with Sheldon. I am not saying to throw them into bed however because this would just ruin Sheldon. I think it would make him do a complete 360 and this in turn would make the show lose its luster for us. Yes we discuss these things alot because we do love the show. We don't live close enough to go to a taping so I thank the ones that are blessed with posting the episode spoilers to give my husband and I more to discuss about our favorite show. Something that I do wish would happen but I really don't see it coming anytime soon is Raj realizing that he is meant to be with Stuart. No it might not be what everyone likes but you can't please everyone and they really do have alot in common and once he realizes this if it does come out, I think he will finally be happy. Look over his relationships since the show has started, they are few and far between and failures galore. There is just something about their chemistry on the show that really leads me to believe that this will come out sooner or later. I also think that someone should knock Bernie down a couple pegs because her driving Howard in the mud just irritates me to death. I do like Howard alot but I have never liked Bernie that much. Not sure if its the voice or the fact that she just acts like she is better than him, but there is something about her that just irritates me. Howard deserves someone who will treat him as a equal instead of a lesser. This being said, I loved this week's episode and look forward to next week's as well. I just think Penny needs to be toned down some, this flying like glass at every small comment has got to stop sometime. I am hoping that she finds a acting job that will stick for a while like Joey with Days of our Lives on Friends. She makes it big, Leonard and her get married or something and all is Happy in TBBT land? Oh well, here is to hoping!!! Thanks to the OP for posting the new spoilers, I love seeing those even though I wind up forgetting half what is written and I am still shocked on the next week episode anyways. I love this site and love reading everyone's opinion on what they think will happen with the show. This kinda thing really makes the show come alive more and it keeps me entertained!!!
  8. Well it might just be me, but I think this new girl that they have brought in for Raj is the most hideous thing that I have seen on TV so far. I think they could have found someone else with a anxiety issue for him. Something about those big bug eyes just makes me feel sorry for the fact that this mutism thing is holding him back. He basically falls at the first woman that shows him any type of attention. I know that is part of his character, but its just getting annoying to me now. Howard and Bernie, I wish this had ended by now. I just dont like Bernadette at all, she was ok at the start but she is getting worse as the seasons progress. She is turning into a complete psycho and seems to be trying to take his mothers place. I did like the marriage episode however, it was touching and I did cry on the end when they were holding hands watching him go into space. Penny and Leonard, this one is a toughy. I really wish that he would have stuck to his guns on Valentine's day. I think that he should have stomped off like she does when she doesnt get her way and basically stuck to the "you ruined the dinner." She needs to be brought down a couple of notches, just because she is cute as a bug doesnt mean that he couldnt break up with her. Leonard does need to grow a backbone and seriously use it from time to time. I see how if I was in a relationship with either Howard or Leonard the things that I would change, Raj I would have to be drunk just to put up with him. I would definitely treat Leonard like the sweet and caring man that he is, she treats him like a doormat at times. All of this aside, I do love this show. It is my favorite since Friends. Friends got to be annoying however because the characters turned whiny to me after sometime. I have all of these episodes to where we can watch them over and over, we do watch a few of them every night when we are playing MMO's or just talking back and forth and it has became the best show ever to us. It never gets boring, Speaking of which, the episode where Leonard meets Alice in the comic book store.....Why couldnt they have made that relationship go for a few episodes? I really liked her, she was pretty and liked comic books. I know that he was with Pria, but I am glad that one ended it just didnt end fast enough. The episodes with her in them even though I love them all, are the worst of the bunch. I just didnt like her at all for making Leonard stay away from Penny, however he should have been a man enough to say I will hang out with my friends and if you dont like it, get over it.
  9. Does it seem like at times that Bernadette is turning complete psycho on Howard? I mean he isnt a grown up like some people because of the toys,things like that but then again he has lived a sheltered life with his mother. I think she is getting a bit out of hand at times, the Cinderella thing and hiding his XBOX. It might just be me but I think that she has definitely took a turn for the worse. The episode about the 3D scanner, he has just as much right to buy what he wants. If she went out and spent a bunch of money on clothes or something like that, he wouldnt complain or I dont think that he would. I just never seen these two being a right fit for each other. I cant wait to see however how Amy and Sheldon's relationship plays out. I still think that they are going to get it on eventually, either she is going to use some of Bernie's drugs and knock him out or he is going to do it for some type of experiment. I just hope that if it happens, they dont ruin his character by making him go crazy over it.
  10. I honestly didnt think that I would like this episode when it first started. I was glad however that Bernadette wasnt being a complete spazz this time around. The last couple of episodes that have focused on their relationship havent been real good about showcasing their love between each other. By the end of the episode when they were reading what they wanted to tell Howard, I was crying. it was really touching, right up there with the episode of the marriage.
  11. Was I the only one that didnt like Bernadette's reaction to finding out that he had bought the printer? She made him feel like he was an inch tall. Yes he should have mentioned it, BUT she was acting like they couldnt afford things but they can and saying that she makes the money and he doesnt, makes her sound like she runs the marriage and he has no say in what happens with the finances. He is a Momma's Boy and not real sure if he could have made it on his own BUT I think that he could have even buying the stuff that I have seen them buy in the comic book stores and other places. I just didnt like her making him feel that way, I have always had a soft spot for Howard. He is a hilarious character and the episode where the astronauts picked on him got it for me. I really felt for the guy, he was doing the one thing in life that he had dreamed about ever since he was a kid and they picked on him up there for it. The look on his face when he says, the other astronauts are picking on me I couldnt help but AWWWWWWW. Anyways, I guess I was the only one that didnt like how she reacted to it. I was looking to see if anyone else had feelings about it and couldnt find any unless there was something that I missed.
  12. Something that I have often wondered about since I started watching the show last year. I had to get the seasons to catch back up on everything. How many of you think we will ever get to see what his mother looks like? It wouldnt surprise me if his mother resembles Bernadette but bigger around I guess to say. I think that would be one hilarious episode if it actually showed her and Bernie talking or eating dinner, whatever and she looked exactly like Bernie but a little older and chunkier. Anyone else got some ideas on what Howards mother looks like? Not the person who plays the voice. Just from your own thoughts and ideas about the matter.
  13. I want to see Sheldon and Amy finally move past first base. Or whatever you wanna call it, the cuddling on the couch during Season 5 basically. I mean I can see that he cares about her, but I think that we all want Sheldon to get laid to calm him down some or make him more bat crap crazier. I want Penny and Leonard to finally have a good relationship without the break up,make up stuff. Raj needs a woman, one that can make him overcome his selected mutism (not sure on the spelling). Howard and Bernadette should have their own place, maybe talks of a smart and beautiful child?? Just what I would like to see.
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