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  1. Did anyone notice when they were about to test the space toilet with howards mums meatloaf as he goes to cut it it just falls apart because it has already been cut. Is it just me or is there a lot of slip ups in tbbt?
  2. They've already done an all night game session with starwars I like t shirt idea though lol
  3. Sprite call of duty or battlefield
  4. Ok so who are you most alike in tbbt. Please stay on topic with your replys this forum is notoriously good at straying away from the point more importantly don't answer with another question. I would say I a most like Raj not for the mutism side of things but just his attitude towards life.
  5. Who would pick boat jetski ofcourse;) haven't read all 30 pages don't know if its been done but xbox 360 or ps3
  6. Ok no raj is not gay and all the proof I need is the fact that his selective Mutism is towards women (effeminate men was just a joke) his selective mutism is obviously through a lack of confidence and unless he was straight then why would he have a lack of confidence with women. The Howard and Raj thing is just bromance, he has also had sex with more differnt women than any of the guys. If Raj ever turns out gay it will be because the writers weren't sure were to take his character to.
  7. Anyone know any good sites I can download or stream this episode from on I mobile (htc wildfire) I've been looking for ages and nothing seems to work.
  8. Sorry couldn't resist seems as you flamed me for my thread lol, You can't use and after a full stop, a comma is used instead of or/and also you used full stops whilsts continuing the same part of topic. (i wanted to stick the devil smilie here but I'm on my phone and don't know how) Holla if you love penny!!!
  9. sorry-- i do not watch every rerun of the tbbt, like on other thread have not seen every episode 10 times each. does that not make me a fan of the show? Lol think you got the wrong end of the stick there matey and haven't seen thus yet am definetely going to have to give it a watch
  10. Lol its been cleared up now it is a guy from the comic book store even though they do look remarkably similar It's not the same guy
  11. I lol'd hard when I read this a UK millionaires daughter was sentenced to 2 years for stealing a plasma tv from comet acting as a getaway driver for armed robbers robbing multiple people at knife point late last year in the London riots. I mean wtf why would a millionaire need to do this obviously an attention seeking daddy's girl she ruined her education in university will serve a minimum of 7 months in prison and most likely a driving ban
  12. I was just wondering if anyone knows of anywhere the cast appears for autograph signings in the UK I'll be really disappointed if the dont come here
  13. I am 99% sure I have seen them all but I have maybe missed on I also have season 1&2 on dvd which I put in every night as I try to sleep and have watched them literally countless times I find myself speaking alongside the characters sometimes and the best thing about it I am still loving it
  14. Trust me watch it i even double checked. ok I found a video on YouTube If link don't work just type into YouTube howards batchelor party and one of the first vids should be the one of them sat around the table you see the back of his head most of it but you do see his face as raj finishes his speech maybe this will be proof enough
  15. Lol that's what I meant t and r next to each other lol changed it though and yeah definitely the same guy I had to rewind myself lol
  16. I would be perfectly fine with a how should penny die thread because 1. I am an adult i understand people have opinions and 2. It would never happen lol I have noticed her role in tbbt seriously downsizing though
  17. Ok this episode has just aired today in England but my question is why is tod zarnecki (the guy who stole sheldons wow items) at this batchelor party?
  18. Ok name of the thread speaks for itself what is your favourite penny moment? Mine has got to be when she goes to pick up the guys when there car breaks down on there way back from Todd zarnecki to retrieve sheldons wow items and she turns the car around to show them how they finish a quest in Nebraska goes to his door he refuses to give the stuff back and she says well good news todays the day a girl is finally going to touch your special little place (cant remember exact words she used) then kick him in the balls lol. Besides being funny as hell I think this shows care for the guys and sh
  19. Wow this Amy thing really heats people up lol. I also think that people are assuming I don't like bernedette when in fact I do I think penny needs a girl friend just not Amy I also like new wolowitz which is another reason bernedette must stay
  20. Ok you caught me I wish Amy would die I spend every waking minute plotting her demise lol And don't be silly NO ONE hates penny ok Ps I don't care if It's spelt Spock
  21. Isn't it just terrible to have to listen to different opinions? They should all just shut up shouldn't they? one thing is to complain about her, which, let's be honest, it's getting kind of old. And another is to wish to have her killed. I never told anyone to shut up. But I think there are enough Amy hate threads already. Everyone has made quite a lot of ranting about her, so I don't see anyone censoring you Amy haters. Heck, I don't like Penny, but I don't go around bitching around wishing she was dead or how much she annoys me..I just don't focus on her and that's it. I don't like t
  22. I am sorry mayim bialik but this has to be done you are ruining sheldon. Ok everyone post how you think the writers should kill off Amy farrafowler. I think that she should be beaten too death by one of the reecis monkeys that she constantly tortures (havent a clue if I spelt that right) If you think Amy should stay say why and don't say the characters have to grow because grow doesn't mean change. If you love penny Holla
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