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  1. Trivia Point of Interest: While out in the desert to view the meteor shower, Raj gave their geo-location as 34.48 degrees north and 118.48 degrees west...which places them at Vasquez Rocks Park: http://en.wikipedia....i/Vasquez_Rocks Vasquez Rocks has been the scene of several Star Trek episodes including the one where Captain Kirks rolls a rock onto Gorn the Reptilioid Alien. Whoops...I wasn't the first to make this connection...please see: http://wiki.the-big-bang-theory.com/wiki/Adhesive_Duck_Deficiency
  2. Not sure if anyone located it on another thread or other reply, but the satellite image sequence actually starts dead center on the Kodak Theater in Hollywood (not Pasadena) but the graphics people altered the original image (just like they did in the Season 5 finale) such that the Kodak theater (home of the Oscars) was made to look like a green park. Why they did that I have no clue. It is also possible to date the image back to around 2003 or earlier as one building closer to the baseball field was turned into a parking lot after that (using Google Earth historical layer) See attachments: First image is from the season 3, episode 5 ending; the second image is from Google Earth
  3. It was just and indoor set that they have used before (the laser to the moon was one time)
  4. Everything anyone could possibly ever want to know about the (fictitious) apartment building you'll find here: http://forum.the-big...thread-327.html Actually, here's more: http://wiki.the-big-bang-theory.com/wiki/The_building http://bigbangtheory.wikia.com/wiki/The_Building BTW: 2311 N.Los Robles Avenue is not in Pasadena, but in the adjacent town of San Marino.
  5. BTW: 227 S. Madison might have been a much better choice...if you look close at the KMZ overlay created by David VÃvra, you'll see that the BBT television graphics people copied some of the key features of that apartment building (e.g., open flat roof patio near the east end, same kind of ventilation and A/C ducting, and same reddish brown auxilliary roof textures from the apartment building at 227 S. Madison) and then put them on top of the plain jane roof of the building next door (215 S. Madison) . The 227 S. apartment building (as viewed in Street view) is more likely to have the kind of elevator shown in the BBT tv show...albeit likely working in good order (note the clean pool out back on the overhead view). see:Google Maps Nonetheless, it was very nice to see them make reference to, creatively employ aspects of, Google Earth. And another BTW: Google Earth does not have "its own satellite" as declared in the season finale BBT script. Google Earth buys the imagery from various commercial satellite vendors like DigitalGlobe and GeoEye. And that satellite imagery is not scheduled before-hand such that anyone outside of the satellite firms know when it is actually to be acquisitioned. In the case of Pasadena, and most of the continental US and Europe, much of the imagery is actually aerial (not satellite) and is either purchased and licensed from an aerial imagery vendor, or the US Geological Survey, or the aerial imagery is specifically commissioned by Google.
  6. Not sure if my previous post made sense: The actual location (of the digitally altered (fictional) apartment house in the recent season finale...nice work by David VÃvra BTW...Fictional APT house on Google Earth ) is 215 S. Madison, Pasadena, CA...Just view in Google Earth Street View See the enclosed Attachment: BTW...OUTSTANDING work done by "JamesPMiller" in figuring out the exact spot where the telephoto images used in the background of both apartments were acquired! (the top of the parking garage of Community Bank on South Hudson Ave.) Simply brilliant!
  7. The actual address is 215 S. Madison using Google Earth Street View...see
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