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  1. Oh! I'm sorry. Haha. I'm sure a video will be posted by the end of the week. Jim dances with Craig (plus Secretariat and Geoff the Robot). He was certainly hesistant, but then he goes all out. You'll love it!
  2. My fellow Americans, tune in to Craig tonight. You do not want to miss what just happened!
  3. Haha. Cute. He spits at around 2:30 in "her parents fall into old patterns as they plead with her...". Thanks, HDTV. It'd be hard not to do so with that crazy alliteration in the script! He didn't miss a beat, though, so whatever.
  4. Adorable. Maybe they decided to go with a more clean-cut Mr. Dowd for the actual run.
  5. Can you think of someone who looks like one of the members of the cast, be it on TV or in person? I tuned into the 1996 movie "That Thing You Do!" recently and the bass player looked a lot like Jim Parsons does now. I looked up the actor, Ethan Embry, and found out that, not only is he five years younger than Jim, he's certainly not aged very well! It just goes to show how Jim is definitely keeping the fountain of youth all to himself. Take a look:
  6. I understand. I actually read a couple astronomy books after I first started getting into the show, but I'm not so keen on playing bongos or drinking Grasshoppers this time around.
  7. Everytime I see one of your posts I ask myself why I post at this forum... Judging by the picture in the user's avatar, I'm going to assume he/she disagrees with you, MissNobodyx.
  8. You're very welcome! Ask and ye shall receive.
  9. Tickets to all show tapings are free because they need you more than you need them! Yes, all 192 seats fill up quickly every time, especially for a show like Big Bang.
  10. My understanding is that standard multi-camera tapings for a 30-minute sitcom usually last from 3 to 3 1/2 hours due to all the re-writes, pick-ups, and line flubs. The season finale took 3 1/2. It was very cool because the production team gave off this vibe that they felt this episode was a special occasion. Kaley Cuoco, in particular, became very emotional! Tickets are available through AudiencesUnlimited.com. Pretty much everyone with guaranteed and standby tickets got in because they kept switching VIPs in and out from the front row.
  11. Hi all, I was at the taping for the season finale. They definitely recorded our laughter, but the end product was sprinkled with both pre-recorded and same-day audio of original TBBT live audiences. For example, during one take of the last scene in The Countdown Reflection, we didn't "aww" so pointedly after each hand-holding gesture. On another take, everyone not only "aww-ed" after Sheldon held Amy's hand, but they also applauded. In the aired episode, we hear neither. Anyway, the audio is certainly sweetened and tinkered with. It is still a wonderful experience to watch first-hand how it's taped and how it all comes together.
  12. I watched a clip of that Leno interview and wow, Jim was right about Otis being a "white dog mutt." He is definitely not a maltese! Purebred pups are cute in a Best-in-Show type of way, ha, but mutts are more fun.
  13. Hey guys, New fan here. I just wanted to share this great NYT interview with you.
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