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  1. I totally agree... staring and drooling and marvelling at the faint (too faint) outline of that chest/stomach. need to shake myself back to reality and tomorrows planning but ....
  2. She does indeed seem relaxed, happy and enjoying the show. loved her quip about marriage! she is simply perfect!
  3. Rachel you have a weekend to go Jim hunting now! Wish I was nearer i'd join you!
  4. Having watched this a few ( cough) times now it just seems to highlight to me how amazingly controlled his is playing Sheldon.
  5. pretty pool but definitely designed for parties not swimming you are right!
  6. I wondered if his new house boasted a swimming pool as the sudden width of his chest and shoulders looks like he has spent time in a pool to me :-)
  7. i think people have seen Melissa and Jim and they are not in black, so my theory is wrong.
  8. This may sound really silly but seeing the glimpse of Mayim's dress and the pics Kunal has posted, do you think the whole cast will wear black as a mark of respect for Carol Ann Susi?
  9. He is up late!! 1 am if I am correct there in LA!
  10. Yes I had only heard the saying 'white rabbits' but seems appropriate as Otis is white too. Cute.
  11. Yeah he picked up a little cockney while in London :-D
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