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  1. seriously this picture is making me drool.....I cannot stop staring at him.  His body is so freaking tight now...and those jeans are perfection on him.....Haven't gotten a full body shot in a long time......100% need a minute....


    I totally agree... staring and drooling and marvelling at the faint (too faint) outline of that chest/stomach.


    need to shake myself back to reality and tomorrows planning but ....

  2. I know this has been posted before, but I can watch this all day.  Just the expressions alone make me smile.


    Is it wrong that I love it when he gets all twitchy?  lol



    Having watched this a few ( cough) times now it just seems to highlight to me how amazingly controlled his is playing Sheldon.

  3. True. He does have kind of a swimmers body. But the pool his house provided isn't quite the one made for swimming




    pretty pool but definitely designed for parties not swimming you are right!

  4. Jim's muscles, front and back, and his trapezius muscles...wow.


    I really do need to do some research with before/after pics of Jim in that Stand Up 2 Cancer video (which is probably the most bare flesh we see of him) and now this.


    I was wondering if one of the reasons he was developing his upper body was to maybe get past that big slouchy hump he has had.  I have to rewatch the last few episodes, but he was been very stooped in the past (I wonder if it came from slouching as a kid because he was taller than his friends or something) and it's very noticable in Herb Garden when he's playing the archery game and actually stands up straight for a change.


    Anyway, I was wondering if he's been standing up straighter these days with those more developed back muscles, or what.

    Scientific research, of course... :p



    I wondered if his new house boasted a swimming pool as the sudden width of his chest and shoulders looks like he has spent time in a pool to me :-)

  5. Or, Otis is like my dog and when he's outside and sees a chipmunk (we have a chipmunk colony living in our hill, it seems) and goes crazy. Maybe Otis was outside and saw a rabbit and was chasing it. Just a thought.

    Yes I had only heard the saying 'white rabbits' but seems appropriate as Otis is white too.


  6. I was actually VERY ca earlier. I had to be as I was in uniform. I had a plan of what to say...

    It was only going to be on the lines of how much I adore his talent and thank you for being a big part of bringing something I adore to this world. Sometimes the ability to thank someone you would never normally get a chance to is best feeling in the world... For both parties. An no harm would be done would it?

    I'm a big fan if Jim's. And I mean big.

    I've seen some negative comments today about my behaviour. But it's taken with a pinch of salt. If something excites me then I'll go for it and do what makes me happy. There is never any harm intended and if it did I would back off.

    That's all really!



    And here in the UK how many chances will we get to be able to fangirl like this, very few i imagine.

    Not everyone is mad or a stalker because they are a fan. 

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