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  1. Great interview, but remind me never to get in a car with Jim Parsons driving!   :girlsad:  It makes me worry about him now.


    The notes on his driving made me smile! He is such a sweetie.



    And really, too often people only experience the plays by reading.  They were meant to be performed, not just read like a book.

    They're funny, dirty, horrific, political, tragic, human.



    That is so true, to appreciate Shakespeare you have to see it performed.

  3. Craig airs out of LA area, but I suppose he could fly out, but not sure if he would or not. That would be awesome. :girlwink: Craig was pretty gobsmacked by Sarah Chalke last night. I thought Geoff might have to pour cold water on Craig. :laugh:

    I only mentioned it because he posted a pic today of himself in ny. It could have been an old pic of course it just made me think. Wishful thinking maybe. I love Jim and Craig together
  4. Not being familiar with snl here in uk I noticed Craig ferguson just posted a selfie of himself in New York. Is it poss he could be a guest for Jim? Forgive me if this is just stupid x

  5. He is wearing a jacket for cold weather (mountain type weather). It is a color jacket sometimes worn by hunters so that they don't get shot by other hunters.   The scenes were taken out sort of in a rural area as if in a cold, mountain-y type environment.  I think they are purposely dressed for that kind of weather.  I do think the jacket is way too big for him though.  :sarcastic:


    I am wondering if Eva is playing Jim's wife/lover of some sort in the film because we know Anson (the other man in the photo) is playing Isla Fisher's husband in the film.   Not sure where Gillian Jacobs fits in either.



    it is certainly loud!

  6. Yes he does.  You can see it barely on this one, but mainly because he has the brow raised up and they put a lot of makeup on him (and probably airbrushed it as well). But if you look you can still see the scar.




    can not believe i have never noticed this before! Now i need to know how he got it! ;-)

  7. OMG if he did, that would be amazing, because I have one too, ON THE SAME EYE


    now see i was thinking it would be amazing because i have one on my right!  but it really looks like he does! i may have to go study hundred more pictures as research ;-)

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