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  1. No, it was in the shape of a Chandelier. The different layers hanging down and looking like the center part of a chandelier. It's really Amazing. I don't know if you tried Daisy's post, it's the same picture.

    She must have had 2 cakes. Also had 1 like a tennis ball with her dogs on/around it. Very cute. Very them

  2. Any picture of Jim is good. But when i look at that particular one, see those signs, i just hope the film is available for wide release  so people can see. see the prejudice and be educated. Must be very emotional to work on that set!

  3. off topic but have any of you seen this clip from People's Choice Award?

    this clip is just simply amazing. Simon and Melissa at their best. This clip itself just brings all the strength of the characters. Sheldon being oblivious, Amy being a little gay for Penny, Raj being moody with cat videos, Simon/Bernadette talking about their parents, Leonard talking about friend's with benefits hoping to become one with Penny.

    I cried. this clip is everything this show is about i think.

    oh wow amazing and so funny... Sheldon is just being Sheldon, but he is so incredibly funny and cute in this his pissing about, Raj talking about cat playing piano like furry Scott Joplin... and Sheldon... " behold, the people" great....Penny .. so funny...it was great:Bernadette: who will be hosting this year, Penny: some blond bimbo for the sitcom... I mean, you know, if it isn't Neal Patric Harris then who cares.... and of course Howard and Bernadette as they imitated voice of his mother... brilliant and they did it so made it almost like she ..it was so hilarious when Sheldon named hip hop artists... " B.O.B, J-Z what are these people or driods... I love it and Jim... handsome and sexy as always. Thanks Pearl you just made my day...

    Thanks so much for that! Sat in hospital waiting room and I can honestly say that has made my day!

  4. It says it is on Amazon.com for Amazon prime users for free.   There are excerpts of it on Youtube otherwise.   The whole film was only 13 minutes in length and I think you get enough of the gist of it by watching the few clips on YT that you likely pretty much catch the whole film that way.



    Thanks  :icon_biggrin:  will go search now .

  5. Yes this is the sweetest smile, the prettyiest smile and the sexiest smile... :wub:  :wub:

     And more Jim's smile...









    While i agree the smile is perfect, for me it is his eyes!  :wub:  :blush:

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