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  1. Having looked at a few shots of these rings they do look to be more than just 'a ring' and more of some sign of commitment. :-) bless them both. Also seeing as there have been so many awards and pics lately and this is there first appearance i guess it explains Jim's either standing with his ring hand in pocket or fiddling with said ring, both unusual for him i thought. With regards to his very sexy Texan drawl as a resident of the UK I find it most obvious when he is talking to Craig Ferguson and says "Creg" as opposed to "Craig" the English/Scottish pronunciation. makes me smile every single time. So cute
  2. the pre SAG awards party I think and i can only find pics of Johnny, Melissa, Mayim and Simon.
  3. I could be wrong but i thought the one in the pic was Otis the one he describes as cat like and neurotic
  4. Cute dogs. Thought only the one poking its tongue out was Jim's. The one he is smiling at :-) loved the interview when he spoke about his dog being like a child. So cute
  5. I agree, cant believe they are stopping half way through season! Angry!
  6. That kind of makes sense that they work together as if Todd had a regular job they would spend very little time together I would imagine. Workin for/with jim at least enables them to stay together. And is super sweet too ;-)
  7. Sad news to wake up too. Cast look fab though. Thanks to everyone who has posted pics :-) Nothing like ogling Jim before work ;-)
  8. Mayim has said she is going to tweet live and Kunal has tweeted pic.. Tried but wont let me post.
  9. Will def be checking in here thoughout the night then as no coverage here in uk that i can see :-(
  10. Not sure if this has been on here yet, but thought this was a lovely pic of Jim and Laurie Metcalfe.
  11. no probs :-) And I think if he hugged me like that i would be in a heap on the floor!
  12. She is a singer.. They have evidently been recording voice overs for an animated film called "happy Smekday"
  13. I guess he is also taking Todd into consideration. Todd is not on TV Todd may not want the attention!
  14. Ok in the UK Dan Patrick means nothing to me but that is such a cute interview!
  15. http://media.danpatrick.com/2012/11/28/jim-parsons-doesnt-want-a-danette-fired-to-make-room-for-him/ Jim on the Dan Patrick radio show! Really cute
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