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  1. They look like they had such fun!
  2. not sure if this link will work, but Kaley just posted flash mob on facebook/twitter. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dql26ssMcVI So Cool!!!
  3. For any UK viewers on here series 6 starts E4 on 15 november at 8pm
  4. damn, with a list that long will have to go back and start again! not sure I can agree on lips though sorry Jim's lower lip has me every time!
  5. love the eyes, but confess to being distracted by lips so missed nose! will have to go back to first page just to check nose in all pics ;-)
  6. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sF2rJP7p9v4&feature=g-all-u found this link of show for anyone who has not had the chance to see it yet.
  7. Don't get this in the uk. Hope it's on YouTube soon!
  8. This has probably been posted somewhere ,so apologies, but just seen so thought I would add in case anyone has not seen it. http://insidetv.ew.com/2012/09/24/big-bang-theory-cast-favorite-moments/
  9. In uk watching red carpet on iPhone app just seen the gorgeous mr parsons!! Fingers crossed.
  10. not sure if it is part of the EW promo of season 6. found on a 'Jim' search
  11. So excited about this! When i saw that Kunal had been on i hoped but... Thanks for this made my day!
  12. Yes---Jim needs to do a GPS!!!...I hate the voices on mine He could do it in character dropping in 'interesting facts' while on route. LOL. "When it is safe to do so, make a U-turn. Did you know that, occasionally, on a divided highway, special U-turn ramps exist to allow traffic to make a U-turn, though often their use is restricted to emergency and police vehicles only?" Bahahaha. ;D I would drive more places. I would turn on the GPS even if I knew where I was going. LOL definately Me too!!!
  13. fab idea but i have a feeling a Jim sat nav would be distracting ( or maybe thats just me ;-) !!
  14. No, sorry, just said series stars and executive producers :-( Did it say which ones?
  15. not sure if this is of interest but just read the cast of TBBT will be in hall H at comicon on July 13th. Wish I lived in US!
  16. great clip. thanks for posting!
  17. This season, and here in the uk we still have 1 ep to go, I think Simon has by far out-shown the others! I am a HUGE Jim Parsons fan, but Simon has been the star this season in my humble opinion. x
  18. Fab interview thanks for linking!
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