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  1. TBBT will never have a chance of winning Best Comedy if it doesn't get nominated for writing. How could you be best comedy if your writers don't get a nomination? So every time their name is pull out of the hat I just know they cannot win if their writers haven't at least been nominated.

    I found this thought I would share, interview with Jim at the Emmys, which I hadn't seen before.


    Wish i had been at that production of Harvey!!

  2. I'd love to listen to his voice during a museum tour or something. I wouldn't mind having his friendly voice in a GPS, either. LOL.

    Yes---Jim needs to do a GPS!!!...I hate the voices on mine :(

    :icon_lol: He could do it in character dropping in 'interesting facts' while on route.


    "When it is safe to do so, make a U-turn. Did you know that, occasionally, on a divided highway, special U-turn ramps exist to allow traffic to make a U-turn, though often their use is restricted to emergency and police vehicles only?"


    fab idea but i have a feeling a Jim sat nav would be distracting ( or maybe thats just me ;-) !!


    I would drive more places. I would turn on the GPS even if I knew where I was going.

    LOL definately Me too!!!:icon_cheesygrin:

  3. Fantastic news! Thank you so much!!:icon_cheesygrin:

    Hello again, BBTFanz :D...Just stopping by to let you all know that tomorrow (Sunday) will be the day I post the links for the Letterman, Kelly & Daily Show...They've been moved to DVD, but there's still a few things I'm going to put on the disc before I finalize it (doing that now as I type this)....All 3 shows will be available in HD quality too :)

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