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  1. My thing is, The big bang theory is a relationship based sitcom. Even in season one it was. Seinfeld never was that. Second, some of the characters on the show were very unlikeable in a clearly defined way...(Howard and Sheldon) Since it focuses on relationships, it's gotta make the characters somewhat likeable for the opposite sex. They did that with Howard and are doing it with Sheldon. That said, I really truly don't feel that it has hurt the humor of the show... but that's just me.
  2. Even if I agreed and Leonard should go out with someone else, I really don't want another main cast member and that's what it'd be.
  3. How does Leonard's mom really effect his relationships? They don't. She doesn't even care about him. Sheldon's mother would flip if he adopts a child or goes in vitro. That to me, effects Sheldon's relationships way more then Leonard's uncaring mother.
  4. ^I think her bad reaction to the proposal was because she hadn't even said I love you to Leonard yet AND it was their first time having sex in awhile. Leonard proposed partly because of Howard and partly because he wants to. Yet, I would never ask a woman, in the middle of sex to marry me let alone a woman who has never said the love word to me. Just my 2 cents
  5. Everything here is opinion, I as a L/P fan am of the opinion that Leonard is still likable and that Leonard and Penny aren't polar opposites. I'm also of the opinion that they can carry a conversation without treating each other in demeaning or childish way. Obviously, the Sheldon and Penny fans have a different opinion that's cool.
  6. Yet, I don't remember Leonard calling Priya a slut and to be fair, he was on his way to cheating on her because of the long distance.
  7. I think the Howard's mom thing is way different, Howard's mom is used as comic relief..seeing her might change that. Knowing Penny's last name doesn't change any of that, its just a curious thing.
  8. What is this referring to? Priya It's different. The friend can't be upset with you for what the sister does.. the bro code is still upheld lol
  9. No, but on any primetime show that deals with relationships, if a show tells you that X is into Y then it's reasonable to assume that they will be together, hell it was the main driving plot for a few seasons. That's not even talking about whether they're compatible or not.
  10. What is this referring to?
  11. Putting aside that I'm a Leonard and Penny fan, I just don't think Sheldon can offer emotionally what Penny needs let alone physically unless his character totally changed.. They've gone snail pace with Amy and Sheldon which simply wouldn't work with Penny... I'm not saying she's shallow but she has a tough time even understanding what Sheldon is saying and his non caring way about people would be a turn off for her. Even if they somehow happened, Leonard and Sheldon would no longer be able to live together to be any way realistic, thus killing an aspect of the show. Finally, Leonard and Penny have been set since the pilot and if they're not endgame, I would think it's because Penny becomes a big time movie star and not because of Sheldon.
  12. I'd have to rewatch but to me, some things needed to change like Howard who imo wasn't likable at all during the first few seasons just a sleaze who lived with his mom. The jokes with him being a perv got old real fast
  13. I agree with you, the friend's ex doesn't work for me when two people are drunk on a tv show... it's not like if they really hooked up that they would have been together and personally, in a real life situation, I look at dating your friend's sister as much more damaging. I'm a Leonard fan but if one of my best friends started dating my sister, I'd hate it simply because if he hurt my sister in any way, we could no longer be friends
  14. I'm not so sure that the characters would know except Leonard. They never intro her to new people as anything but Penny whereas Leonard and Sheldon have to be announced by full names because of their doctor titles
  15. I'm thinking the reveal of Penny's last name will be big... just a feeling but I have no clue when it will happen. what does everyone else think?
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