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  1. . Let us call it Friends Yep Long time friends but now with Benefits. Maybe they are like Lenny in real life. Johnny is the Bran Muffin that good for her. .
  2. 1.) They dated for TWO (2) years and kept it quite until after they broke up. 2.) Who is to say Johnny wouldn't use Kaley for sex? He is single and he isn't her gay friend. .
  3. Tell me this isn't a display of the sexual tension between these two? All you Politically Correct better wake up and realize these two are doing the dance with no pants.
  4. . Face facts, Hollywood types play Musical Bed. You better believe they are doing Rebound sex thing. Should we really care whom is screwing who?
  5. Besides a dull personality, pain pill addiction can cause ED. ED alone is enough to break up a Marriage of a sexually active women. As much as Kaley works out, she has to have a strong sexual appetite. That where Johnny G. comes to the rescue as friends with benefits.
  6. I certainly wasn't saying an occasional Pain Pill would cause marriage problems. .
  7. Pain Med is more than likely the reason for the Divorce. Pain Pills don't make you a good partner.
  8. Sorry But this isn't the 1950s where Rock Hudson and Doris Day Have separate beds as Man & Wife in a Movie. Ever movie these days has the "F" word used multiply times. Sorry but the word I used is an exceptable MEDICAL TERM. Maybe it is time to throw all the Political Correctness out the window. When I was a kid we called each other names like Dago, Chink, Nip, Pole Lock, Hunnie, Wap and Mackerel Smacker just to name a few. NO ONE got excited about it. .
  9. Maybe a little harsh but Not so mean as factual. Many people mistake Lust for Love. Are we not attracted to Kaley because of her brazen sexuality and beauty? Is she not human and sexually attracted to tall masculine men? At her age, she is just reaching her sexual peak. I do not think my statement is out of line. .
  10. That doesn't mean it won't cost her an arm and a Leg. Look at some of the other divorce settlements. Didn't Kaley move in with Ryan on their FIRST DATE ?? I mean that is pretty impulsive to say the least. Was it 6'5" Ryan's big personality or big penis that attracted her. http://www.ibtimes.com.au/dating-history-big-bang-theory-star-kaley-cuoco-dated-slew-men-co-star-johnny-galecki-henry-cavill
  11. OK I am going to stir the pot. 1. Lenard says to Howard "I said I was her friend, NOT her her Gay friend." 2. Fact is people who work out are known to have a greater sex drive. Kaley has had her share of Boy friends. 3. It is not uncommon for people to get back together after years apart. .
  12. . On a side note, This season Penny has had horrible looking hair and not looked her normal sexy self. I get the impression the writers are down playing her good looks. .
  13. . While I am happy Lenny is married, I think John and Kaley are just super good friends. Sara Gilbert has said Johnny was very supportive of her coming out and has been a Good Friend. I can only believe Johnny is that kind friend who is willing to give support. I also believe Kaley may be a typical Child Star who has deeper issues like so many other child stars. She may be better at hiding those issues or not going off the deep end and getting drunk in public etc. .
  14. . Why was Penny's Hair so Greasy and her Make up so Bland?? Are they down playing her sexuality???? Back to 9.01 Her wedding dress was horrible IMHO.
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