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  1. I don't think she would use Johnny, if anything she would probably tell him what she was doing.  Of course that idea is based on that they are very good friends, with no romantic involvement, like they have publicly have proclaimed.


    1.) They dated for TWO (2) years and kept it quite until after they broke up. 


    2.) Who is to say Johnny wouldn't use Kaley for sex? He is single and he isn't her gay friend. 



  2. I am imagining there is more to this story than we will ever know. The pics of them on Instagram have been lessening throughout the year. I don't believe that the pain pill thing would be enough to completely break them up. We will never know of course, but one wonders...... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

    Besides a dull personality, pain pill addiction can cause ED. ED alone is enough to break up a Marriage of a sexually active women. As much as Kaley works out, she has to have a strong sexual appetite. That where Johnny G. comes to the rescue as friends with benefits. 

  3. Not the pain pills themselves since practically everbody on earth from a certain age has taken some in his/her life. But the addiction to them is surely a large factor. Also, he surely was pissed about his non-existent career and that doesn't make a happy hubby.

    I certainly wasn't saying an occasional Pain Pill would cause marriage problems.  


  4. well, that's for  the judge to decide after he shows his financial records. But his pain med addiction shouldn't factor in, the last thing she should be ordered to do is fuel his addiction by having to pay him millions of dollars.

    Pain Med is more than likely the reason for the Divorce. Pain Pills don't make you a good partner.   

  5. Sorry, I think your choice of that one word was harsh. You could have referred to his "manly physique" or that he is a "handsome specimen". The other word (for me) is over the line. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk


    Sorry But this isn't the 1950s where Rock Hudson and Doris Day Have separate beds as Man & Wife in a Movie.  Ever movie these days has the "F" word used multiply times. Sorry but the word I used is an exceptable MEDICAL TERM. Maybe it is time to throw all the Political Correctness out the window. When I was a kid we called each other names like Dago, Chink, Nip, Pole Lock, Hunnie, Wap and Mackerel Smacker just to name a few. NO ONE got excited about it.   



  6. Way out of line.  Mean-spirited.  And yes, a little harsh to say the least.



    Maybe a little harsh but Not so mean as factual. Many people mistake Lust for Love. Are we not attracted to Kaley because of her brazen sexuality and beauty? Is she not human and sexually attracted to tall masculine men?  At her age, she is just reaching her sexual peak. I do not think my statement is out of line. 



  7. I don't think Kaley has anything to worry about. Stating the obvious, but she can afford better lawyers.

    That doesn't mean it won't cost her an arm and a Leg. Look at some of the other divorce settlements.  

    Didn't Kaley move in with Ryan on their FIRST DATE ?? I mean that is pretty impulsive to say the least. Was it 6'5" Ryan's big personality or big penis that attracted her.   


  8. OK I am going to stir the pot. 

    1. Lenard says to Howard "I said I was her friend, NOT her her Gay friend."

    2. Fact is people who work out are known to have a greater sex drive. Kaley has had her share of Boy friends. 

    3. It is not uncommon for people to get back together after years apart.





  9. I love this picture! They are so lucky to have stayed friends!:friends:


    While I am happy Lenny is married, I think John and Kaley are just super good friends. Sara Gilbert has said Johnny was very supportive of her coming out and has been a Good Friend. I can only believe Johnny is that kind friend who is willing to give support. I also believe Kaley may be a typical Child Star who has deeper issues like so many other child stars. She may be better at hiding those issues or not going off the deep end and getting drunk in public etc. 


  10. Amy and Stuart need to be the next couple who get it on. Leave Sheldon to his asexual self. he can be the child that everyone looks after.


    Raj and Emily chemistry can't be overlooked this season. He is dark on the outside while she is dark on the inside. I like the way the writer are presenting Emily's dark side. I loved how she nailed Raj about NOT LOOKING IN THE CLOSET. "Are you sure you didn't look in the Closet." with a Shit Eating Grin on her face. 




    I do not think they will get married in Vegas either.  Leonard bringing that up is just another excuse to delay it. But we don't know what they have in mind. 


    I was just using that as a example of Cheating I didn't mean that Leonard  did cheat and was not the whole story  but in response to shamy people who thought Leonard cheated. The only thing Leonard is guilty of is dishonesty...  for now anyway. 


    I am starting to think more and more the final episode will be when they marry

    A wedding at the Final episode implies fairy tale finish where they live Happily ever after. But life isn't a fairy Tale. There is a lot of Comedy left when they are married. Think of just the reaction from Sheldon and Living arrangements. 

    As for cheating, I don't see it as a big Issue. Over the years they have both had a several Lovers that the other Knew about. Neigh one is a virgin by any means. Penny cheered Lenard on to Bed the Rich Lady that was donating big money to the University.   Penny married Sack and Bedded Raj. 







  12. I think the only thig that will be resolved in the premiere is whether lenny got married or not, shamy could be seen but not together



    It will be interesting to see IF Lenny gets Married and WHAT THE LIVING ARRANGEMENTS WILL BE. 


    Where are the Girls going to hang out for Girl talk, if Penny moves in with Lenard?? Where are the Boys going to play Dungeons and Dragons??


    Where is the Love Lost Sheldon going to live? With Lenny or is Raj going to be Sheldon's new Room mate.  


    Who will live in the Big apt and who will live across the hall??. Yep a lot of unanswered Questions. 


    PS. I was losing Interest, But Lenny getting Married has peaked my interest again. 



    I mean, we kind of knew that Amy eventually will get tired of Sheldon... Leonard and Penny will get married...





    Don't be to sure the wedding will take place. Lenard opened the door to a fight. Penny re-acted, but didn't call off the wedding YET. Vegas is a 4 hour drive (4 months to next season).




    PS. IMHO it was way out of character for Sheldon to push Lenny into a wedding date.  

  14. .


    Sheldon is the Anti Hero/straight man that is the subject of 99% of the Comic. Love or hate Sheldon he is the reason for BBT success. BTW I hate Sheldon But love to see him put down. IMHO Leslie Winkle did the best job of messing with Sheldon's mind.




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    Yesterday I went to a Huge Flea Market in a City near my small town. Much to my surprise I saw 3 different Men pushing Baby Buggies with Small Dogs in them. All I could think of was Kunal and how queer his character is. BTW I think He was funnier when he didn't have a girl Friend.    

  16. ..



    I won't argue the fact Leslie was a main character, because she wasn't. But like Barry K., or in stead of Barry she should of done a few episodes each season. To me she added something to the show.




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