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  1. While I like the Star wars description, I have to go with the Computer Geek and ScFi Nerd. A dork is a real spaatz who can't chew gum and walk down the street at the same time. They can be a Geek or a Nerd. But general just plain Dork. They all can have that inbred Uncle Dad look on their face. That is the "I don't have a clue" Look. Generally Their clothes would have been very stylish in 1955. .
  2. . In light of the discussion going on about Penny & Lenard's Relationship. Wouldn't Raj and Penny be a logical combination after Lenard moves on or sulks alone. Raj is arrogant enough when drunk to show domination over Penny that Lenard doesn't have. Penny has a thing for him now even if it is only pity. Raj only needs to find that Super pill that allows him to talk to women. Then again Penny making Raj get drunk so he can speak to her could be humorous. Penny did sleep with Raj. Later revealed it was unsuccessful, but still the intend was there. Which does bring me to the subject, Is Penny a slut as Sheldon and Amy seem to imply?? .
  3. . THANK YOU. My same feeling. I love Penny but I am not so sure I would even like Kaley. I can't help think, that as a child star she wasn't spoiled rotten. We really don't know Kaley. .
  4. . Some how I see Amy & Sheldon having VERY WEIRD SEX Not unlike the CONE HEADS on Saturday Night Live. Maybe because of the time Amy was playing Doctor in a Star Trek uniform. Strange People do strange things. .
  5. . I agree with everything you say about Lenard & Penny. However Lenard represents every guy who has ever dreamed about having a beautiful Girl Friend. Because he is a nerd that has a Beautiful Girl Friend, he gives hope to every guy who now thinks they have a shot at a Beautiful Girl Friend. .
  6. Me Too if it isn't too much trouble. ..
  7. . It will be interesting to see how the writers have Howard react the first time a Good Looking Girl is a guest star etc. That might determine the answer. BTW in an interview Simon said one of the most enjoyable parts of playing Howard was Katee Sackhoff. .
  8. . Howard is willing to cheat on Bernie, But doesn't have the ability. The type of women Howard would want to cheat with, don't want Howard. So the answer might be Howard CAN'T cheat on Bernie .
  9. . I voted Howard would cheat even if he could get caught. He Dreamed of being a Stud and wanted to Marry girls like Megan Fox or Halle Berry etc. Howard has Little Man's Disease and the need to prove he is a man. .
  10. . In my world, Penny would have to get successful acting job before she told Lenard she loved him. If she never gets a Acting job, she is settling for Lenard. I would like to see Lenard be more dominate in the relationship. Or maybe Penny be less confident of Lenard's love for her. But the writers want to keep us hanging, so it not going to happen. .
  11. . IMHO Alan, Berta and Jake could have carried the show. Alan should have kept the house and had Different Guest stars as his renter for several episodes. The theme would be Alan trying to make mortgage payments. Of course Alan being a loser would have good fortune just in time for the house to need a new roof etc. I always liked Rose and they had her come back for good reasons. Rose helped put the show on top and would have kept it there I really don't care how big Walden's junk is. In fact I think it is a cheap trick to have him running around the house totally naked. We wear cloth in our houses out of respect for those living with us. .
  12. Expressions IMHO are Kaley's strong point. Not unlike Johnny Carson who was the master on "Takes". I guess what I am saying is Kaley is a great Re-actor. However I think she is an actress. She sure plays Penny in a convincing way. I haven't seen her in any other production so I can't comment on her Range. I am not so sure about an Emmy, .
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