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  1. . I saw Leslie as the True Geek Tom Boy and ANTI-SHELDON. I loved how Leslie could put Sheldon down. Yes I miss Leslie winkle and felt she really added to the BBT. BTW Sara Gilbert is the only ceb I have on Face Book. I am questing if there was any personality conflict between Kaley and Sara?? Sara Dated Johnny back when they were on Rosanne. Kaley was dating Johnny when Leslie Winkle was written out. BTW Leslie has never been invited back to do even a One shot deal. .
  2. My question is a General one asking the average Net earning after Taxes and Agent fees. As Public figures they give up any right to total privacy. .
  3. . Of the 90 Million, How much do you think each actor will keep??? I am talking after Agents fees and Taxes etc. .
  4. . Everyone has there favorites and Raj is not my favorite. But I would have prefer Raj to stay hopelessly in the Closet, than to have a Girl Friend.
  5. . A million dollars each is a lot of money and Warner Bros or any one of the cast could stand their ground. What I am saying is there is a strong possibility that no contract agreement is reached. TWOOO Many personalities to please. Kaley & Jim are already in High Demand and wouldn't miss a days work.
  6. .. I think the point that people are missing is the Presidencies of Million dollars salaries WB is faced with. If they give in to the BBT Cast then they will have to give into every other cast that has a successful show. The longer these contracts take, the more likely they won't come to an agreement. I am sure WB is willing to cancel BBT rather than fight big salary demands from other actors in the future. WB has to draw the line some where. IMHO No One is worth a Million a Year let alone a Million times 24 episodes in a half year. .
  7. . IMHO any one of these actors can find a new series or Big Screen work. With Net worth in the 8 figure range none of them would ever have to work again. To sign a contract All of them have to agree. While the cast seems to enjoy working together, The 7 years itch may come into play. My other concern is the longer WB wait to sign, the more chance of bad attitudes setting in that would effect the show. Sorry while I love the show, if no contracts are signed by Friday, my money is on no contract agreement being reached. .
  9. . The Contracts being already signed would not surprise me. Keeping it secret and milking it for Publicity, wouldn't be the first time. But you have to look at it from both sides. Salary Demands of Million an Episode is a big jump from $ 350 K. BTW I don't believe Howard or Raj can ask that kind on money. Friends got the Million so why not BBT. Johnny's net worth is around 25 Million and Kaley and Jim are both around 20 million. That F U money in my world. But all 3 can have new acting Jobs tomorrow if they want. We will just have to wait and see. But I am pessimistic enough to think the deal might go South. .
  11. IMHO Sheldon's Character needs put down. No One puts Sheldon down Like Leslie Winkle. But there must be some under lying reason they no longer write her in. When she first left the excuse was the TALK took too much of her time. But then she started a new series and is still on the Talk. ..
  12. . I am surprised I can't find a Thread about salary Contracts that have not been signed for season 8 yet. I am reading that Season 8 might be delayed because of no contracts signed by the actors. While I feel no one is worth a Million Dollar per episode. As popular as this show is and given the Salary History of Friends, Charlie Sheen and Ashton Kutcher etc. I feel the main 3 characters should get the lotto type money. Of course they are each all ready worth 20 million or more. .
  13. . I like the fact the writers made the relationship has come full circle in season 7. Penny is now the Reacher and Leonard is the Settler. This didn't happen with just the engagement, it has been brewing all season long. it started with their first date where they try the Bata/alpha test. It was Penny who called Leonard in the middle of the night. It will be interesting how the writers handle various arguments between them in season 8. Oh there will be more than a few. .
  14. . I see a lot of possible humor in Penny becoming a soft porn star. It is not like she or Leonard haven't had their share of sexual encounters with other people. Leonard isn't getting a vessel Virgin bride by any means so why not carry it to the extreme. This would also open up the Guest appearances of both male & female sexy stars. Amy and Penny could hook up causing Sheldon to write new Room Mate/Relationship Contracts. .
  15. . Have all the actors signed contacts for season 8 and the next 3 years??? How much are each of them getting per episode??? .
  16. . From the Pictures I get the Feeling She is more in love than he is. Somehow I sense he is just along for the Ride. .
  17. . I can't help remembering the Episode where Howard Meets Bernadette's former 6' 5" boy friend. I am wondering if Howard's concerns are Kaley's same Joy? .
  18. . suggestion Move Leonard in with Penny and Raj in with Sheldon to be his new caretaker. Lenny and Raj can have conflict over what is best for Sheldon. The same apt stays the meeting/gathering place only giving Raj a more dominate roll using his Female qualities as humor. Raj keeps hospitality/party planning style to not everyone pleasure. .
  19. Sheldon is Lenny's child. Therefore Sheldon will live with Lenny so they can take care of him. .
  20. No question Kaley is worth 30 times more than Ryan. The Prenuptial or lack of one will come out when they get divorced.
  21. Does any one know if Kaley had Ryan sign a Prenuptial??? .
  22. . It is about time they let Raj out of the Closet. He is a first class Cabinet player and more Girly than any women I know. Back When Stuart was living with Raj I expected that relationship to go viral. With all the other Political Correctness in todays world, why not? .
  24. . Not to change the subject BUT, WHAT IF KALEY GETS PREGNANT??? Now that she is married, doesn't she want to start a family??? How would this effect the show??? If Lenny were to have a baby, where would Sheldon live.
  25. The Reason I liked Leslie Winkle was because she dumped on Sheldon. I love episodes where Sheldon gets (not knocked down but) put in his place.
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