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  1. . Good Point, All the other members of the group have achieved success. So Why Not Penny???? Hey her best talent is her sexuality so why not nude rolls?
  2. . You can make all the Excuses you want for Penny's actions. But her character is a Drunken street wise Slut who sleeps around and on the first date. HOWEVER: She did tell Raj she messed up by dumping Leonard. Therefore: Raj is Guilty of being a Buddy F... OK she is growing and in Season 6 she becomes fully committed to Leonard. Also she doesn't drink as much which is and other sign she is growing up. .
  3. The Question is, WHAT CONSTITUTES SEX?? Bill Clinton said he didn't have Sex with that woman.................. They didn't have Intercourse, BUT. Penny was helping Raj put a condom on when he had an orgasm. Had Raj been able to function they would have completed the act. I am sorry but Penny and Raj had a form of sex in the fact they touched each others private parts. So Leonard has every right to feel worried. To me, Sleeping with a friend of your partner is the worst slap in the face. It being disrespected by two so called friends. .
  4. Hello I am a Lenny fan but, Penny was already CHEAP Penny lived in a bottle and went to bed with Raj. OK he shot before he aimed but Penny was helping him put on a condom at the time. She posed Naked for David Underhill's phone camera for free on like their second date. So being paid to do a topless movie shouldn't be all that bad considering she wants to be a movie star. I believe the writers are just reminding us how much different (Street Wise) Penny is compared to the rest of the cast. .
  5. Sheldon did the Math that Penny had 130 sexual partners. The Original Penny character was suppose to be a very street wise person and the total opposite of the Nerds. Many people feel Penny's sexuality is the only thing going for her, so why not exploit it??? BTW I was quite shocked at Jennifer Aniston's role in ""THE MILLER"". Her character was a Stripper and she did several Pole Dances. FYI she looked to be 24 not 44 when Pole dancing. Maybe Hollywood's new trend is sleaze. Other than BBT, Kaley's commercials etc are anything but sexy. She is bundled up almost like Amy in both Toyota & Price Line Commercials. .
  6. Sheldon has embarrassed Leonard with his lack of social skills enough times to make up for saving his life. IMHO Sheldon and Frank Burns of MASH are the Anti Hero you love to Hate. True BBT wouldn't be as popular with out Sheldon. . I would wet my pants with Laugher.
  7. . One of the reasons I liked Leslie Winkle (Sara Gilbert's Character) so much was her constant Put Downs Of Sheldon. IMHO She should of been the first extra to be offered Permanent Status. Sheldon represents every thing I dislike in a Person. How anyone could put up with him is be on believe. I really enjoy any time Sheldon gets dumped on. Yes I think the original Premise has collapsed. I still watch but not with the same enthusiasm. I don't read or post on this Forum as much as I once did. ..
  8. http://www.cbs.com/shows/big_bang_theory/video/
  9. . My point was Kaley has Muscles also. .
  10. Superman isn't the only one with muscles in this picture. .
  11. Season 3 was the best, every thing from there has been down hill IMHO. .
  12. 2.5 men has run it's course when Charlie flipped out. Alan and Berta are the only thing holding the show together. Jake grew up and Kelso should be stocking shelves at Walmart. My take was Alan should of kept the house and had guest stars as renters, as he struggled to make the mortgage payment. However it took Charlie leaving before I realized what a great actor Jon Cryer is. His lines always made him look stupid. .
  13. To add to my above post. Kaley's Image in the Commercials is not that of a sex Pot. But rather of a more plain down to earth person. I believe it is because of her portrayal of Penny as a Common sense down to earth character, is what advertisers are looking for. .
  14. . Whereas: Kaley Cucco gets the most commercials, Personal Appearances and Hosting jobs than any other BBT cast Member. Therefore: The Penny haters must be in the Minority and not with the general public opinion. ..
  15. I glad it not Me who only feels that way. Yes Kaley is a Tom Boy who is sexier in shorts than a Designer dress. IMHO she looks ugly/Plain in those Toyota Commercials. I think body movement has a lot to do with sex appeal. Kaley is more free moving in casual clothes that designer dresses.
  16. I enjoy the nerds but the writers made Lucy more of a mental case than nerd. Maybe that is why I don't care for Raj either. Reading Comic Books and Looking at stars are what nerds do. Not being able to talk in the same room with a women in it, is a Mental case. .
  17. I realize the writer aren't going back. But the way everyone else on this board dreams about what they want to see, Why pick on me???? I liked the show the way it was. I am losing interest with the current story line. .
  18. . I don't Dislike Amy or Bernadette, But too much is too much. Bring back Creepy Howard, he was a lot funnier. Sheldon will always be weird so why try and change him into a weird Sex machine. Actually I liked it better when the arrogant Sheldon was always getting put down by outsiders of the group. Raj I never really cared for. .
  19. . I am not real happy with the direction the writers are taking. I feel they really added too many characters. They have gotten away from the original 4 Nerds that was the winning combination that made BBT a Winner. One thing I see is too many short stories about each relationship and not enough time spend on any one story line. Leonard leaves for 4 months and they spend 30 seconds on Penny's reaction of excepting it. Then less than a Minute at the Airport. Season 2 finally the Boys went to the North Pole, most of the episode was about Penny's reaction. .
  20. My point is I am Dam Glad I don't look as bad as Shatner. Or are you referring to Kaley? Yes I love Penny because that is what I see on TV each Week. Kaley is the Person who plays Penny and I really know nothing about her by comparison. Therefore I can't love Kaley like I love Penny. .
  21. I am 72 and still have a 29 inch waist and weight 133 pounds. I was 125 pounds the day I graduated High school. Shatner's belly weights more Than I do. Yes I am an Old Man with a crush on a Character played by a Young Actress. I know Kaley is not the same Person as Penny.
  22. . I have not read this thread, But IMHO Everyone is Sheldon's Doormat not just Amy. I might Laugh at Sheldon every so often, But I really Hate his character. .
  23. . I don't think a character study of Leonard is complete unless you factor in his relationship with Sheldon as a Roommate. Why he puts up with Sheldon is be on me other than it is part of the story line. Sheldon rides Leonard like he is his personal slave. Only a very insecure person would put up with Sheldon's crap for 7 years. In Reality Penny's faults don't hold a candle to Sheldon's. If Leonard put up with Sheldon all these years, He can put up with Penny for a life time. At least with Penny he has a Dumb Blond Eye Candy to show off. It is sort of why I drive a Bimmer. It shows the world I am successful by toys around me. Penny is a real fine Boy Toy to showing off and the Babies will be both Smart and Beautiful. .
  24. Continuity is not a strong point of the writers. But then why should it be?? This is a comedy show that the Fans here are turning into a Soap Opera Serial. .
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