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  1. Because only 98% of the pixels work. What was Bernadettes tall ex boyfriend called
  2. I couldn't agree more with this, your so right. I'm not keen on Bernadette I don't think she brings anything to the show.
  3. What Facebook games do you guys play? I'm a poker addict
  4. Do you think Howard should ride solo or stay married. Me personally I find Howard at his best when he's riding solo
  5. I gota admit this was one of his best moments
  6. True The next person has blonde hair
  7. Yes lol Have you ever ate curry
  8. Home Charlie Sheen or Jon Cyer
  9. In the jar with snakes. What did lesie call Leonard during sex while penny and sheldon was outside the door
  10. Yes Have you ever seen a naked woman? Lol
  11. Coke Blackberry or iphone
  12. Because there full of germs. When they're on the train whitch celebrity do they spot?
  13. Penny Smoking or non smoking
  14. Never had one so I'll go.. Yuk Beer
  15. The person above me likes sheldon
  16. All of his little rants add a little humor to my life
  17. The person above me has a long name
  18. Penny and sheldon lol Kiss Or Cuddle
  19. Depends, I'll go with isolated. Tv or laptop
  20. The person above me has 8 posts
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