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  1. Just got in, going to make some food
  2. The person above me wants sheldon and penny to get married! X
  3. Woke up to shower had like 5 hours sleep
  4. Erm, Quick. King Of Queens or Friends
  5. The person above me has some interest in the moon
  6. bozeman montana Whos Knees does Sheldon have?
  7. Aqua Man What meal does Sheldon Order at the cheese cake factory
  8. I agree about the personality. I was watchin the episode where she goes with Raj to his 30 under 30 thing and I just thought seriously flats with that outfit lol
  9. I told you, the hero always peaks
  10. The person above me has 2 rep
  11. I'm not sure but I'm sure he was bent down putting things off the table in there
  12. Does it annoy anyone else that penny only ever wears flats?
  13. In the first episode he was going to masterbate for money, so I'm guessing it's something he has done before.
  14. Dictionary Zynga Poker Or FarmVille
  15. A Norse God What book is Raj reading when the FBI visit him?
  16. The person above me has some interesting posts
  17. That was for my cushion What word to sheldon and Amy make their word of the day?
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