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  1. Condoms One direction or the wanted
  2. The person above me is offline right now
  3. I think they should bring Howards father in for a few episodes.
  4. So he can take a shower. What name did they finally decide on for the app they were creating?
  5. I think Howard is not given enough credit.
  6. Comedy True crime or wildlife
  7. The person above me needs to post more
  8. False Money grows on trees
  9. The person above me has 3stars
  10. I think it would be nice if Stuart was in like 2 of 5 episodes, so he's not a perminant fixture more like semi perminant.
  11. Because one guy will end up better off when the other dies, basicallym When penny goes back home to see family she comes back and sheldon gets sick, what color hat does he wear?
  12. MissNobodyx


    I have that too :D
  13. MissNobodyx


    Anyone on the forums use bbm and wana chat sometime
  14. I think I broke your son.. What is Leonard's middle name?
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