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  1. The person above me is male
  2. Bat crap crazy What are the only days Sheldon will drink to chocolate ..
  3. Never seen that I'll have to check it out
  4. What films put you in a good mood? Make you feel good.. Love dirty dancing, it always puts a smile on my face
  5. Did their relationship shock you? It did me, personally I think looks wise kaley can do alot better, I know it's not all about looks but I wouldn't of thought he would have been her type. I wonder why they broke up..
  6. Yeah, they're just a little small lol
  7. Yeah he does look good but personally I think his eyes are too small lol..
  8. Who for you made season 5? Although I'm a huge fan of Howard I think this season wasn't his best (probably because I think he does best solo, Bernadette brings him down lol). For me, Penny and Amy's relationship and bonding made this season. Sheldon came a close second though.
  9. If you could choose, who would you most like to see be given a full time spot?
  10. What show do you find the most annoying? For me it's 2 broke girls, the reason why it annoys me I tried so hard to get into it but .. Nothing. Don't find it funny and don't find a reason for the show.. I tried to hard to like it :/
  11. I had a huge argument today felt pretty crappy the rest of the day..
  12. Make a comment about the person who comments above you for example, someone would probably say about me "most amazing person ever" lool
  13. Leonard with or without glasses? IMO Leonard should defo wear glasses, gives him that somethin'somethin'
  14. Stuart is a legand. His facial expressions make me giggle lol
  15. With Howard's relationship you could kind of see where it was going, with Sheldons you can't. It could literally go anyway..
  16. Snow cone maker... What night is halo night?
  17. I'm not a huge fan of Zak
  18. Did he give him an action figure? How much did penny's ex boyfriend owe her when she paid his fine?
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