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  1. Dirty dancing is in my top ten fav films
  2. Someone needs to suggest this to the writers lol
  3. IMO Raj would have to be Howard's sidekick.. Raj would make a better mouse boy..
  4. Julie Newmar According to Sheldon what is the best number?
  5. Your lunch sounds nice .. I'm watching only fools and horses waiting for my supper
  6. I think a movie would be AMA-zzzzzzing
  7. Yeah I think Stuart should move in with Raj too and maybe include Stuart in like 1 in 5 episodes or something, someone needs to write to tbbt
  8. I have no idea but I noticed the same thing a few days ago, doesn't really make sense.
  9. I don't think I could be around a real life sheldon lol
  10. I think Stuart and Kripkeeee should both make more appearances in tbbt, both charchters could be very popular with the right scrips. I'd like to get to know kripkeeee a bit more, I also think they could be some good storylines between him and sheldon.
  11. Sheldons apartment Xbox or ps3
  12. I'm watching everybody loves Raymond as there's nothing else on.
  13. I hate all them ideas. Sorry.
  14. What show are you most into when TBBT is not on? It seems all the shows I watch end around the same time as eachother
  15. He's an adult with a very high IQ I'm sure he'd find his groove if he gave it a try lol
  16. The I feel like a teen heart throb moment was LOL FUNNY
  17. Rockband One direction or nsync
  18. I personally would love to meet a real life sheldon
  19. Share your fave quotes of season 5 ...
  20. Too excited for the next season. When's it back! Lol
  21. I loved Sister Sister when it was on.
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