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  1. My best friend works at the Cheesecake Factory. In uniform he looks like the Royal Crest Dairy deliveryman. Or possibly the ice cream man. It's horrible. (Not to mention stupid and impractical, as white shows every speck and splatter.) I enjoyed this one quite a bit except for Bernadette's harpy shrieking throughout. I like Bernie but I don't like that part of her. It's grating and horrible and just no. I was wanting Leonard to stick up for himself, but alas. My favorite moment in the scavenger hunt might have been Penny asking Sheldon, "Don't you want to know how I figured it out?" and his indifference. :D I love that Penny tries and I get mildly annoyed on her behalf that they constantly mock her and call her stupid. She's a good sport. Best part of the show was undoubtedly Howard and Amy, though. Who knew they had such great chemistry? I'll never hear Neil Diamond the same way again.
  2. She's a lunatic if she thinks that. I know we're not supposed to make "Friends" comparisons here but that was seriously the worst thing that show ever did. As you observe, it had the effect of making it impossible to care if they ultimately got together or not. They can do that here, but in my opinion it would ruin the heart and soul of the show, which has always been the Penny/Leonard romance.
  3. Agreed. It was okay, but too dark with little humor; too many ridiculous and overlong fight/action sequences; way too long.
  4. Okay - so by "accepting" Jesus Christ, what do you mean? Saying "Yep, he did all those things for me," even believing that with all your heart, is pretty meaningless if you don't also do as he commanded - love one another. Love requires action. If I say "I love my neighbor," but I do nothing to help him when he is hungry, sick, cold, thirsty - that's not love. Platitudes and beliefs are meaningless without action.
  5. It also requires accepting the notion that we are all "damned" and need "saving" to begin with... Jesus told us to DO things, not just to "believe." His expectations are simple (not to be mistaken for "easy"): to take care of one another. Did you feed me when I was hungry - give me drink when I was thirsty - clothe me when I was naked -care for me when i was sick, visit me when I was in prison. This is what he defines as a righteous person worthy of eternal life. He doesn't ask if you demanded the sick, the hungry, the imprisoned "believe" that he is the son of God. He asks what you DID for the needy.
  6. I don't understand this statement. Every single living thing on this planet is born, grows, and dies. There's no evidence to suggest that it was ever otherwise. If you're talking about "eternal" life, there's also no evidence to suggest that it exists... outside of the frightened minds of us mortals who don't want to face our own mortality, anyway.
  7. Moving is a pain in the ass. How on earth did you do it 'by accident'? I spent five weeks living in a tent in the Serengeti when I was completing my Anthropology degree, looking for ancient human remains at the Laetoli site.
  8. I adore Matt Smith, and I'm sorry to see him go. Then again I'm only a casual Doctor Who fan. If such a thing is possible. My girlfriend who works for IGN says the Benedict Cumberbatch replacement rumors are beginning to fly...
  9. That is an intriguing theory! I'm not sure it's anything more than poor continuity on the part of the writers, though.
  10. Football is my favorite sport and I am a fairly rabid Broncos fan. Hockey is a close second and I am very, very intrigued to see how getting Patrick Roy for our new coach will fire up the team and the city! Denver is a great city for sports and it's been sad how blah the Avs have been for the last few years. I love horse racing and look forward to watching the Triple Crown races every year. I like most sports, actually. They all bring something interesting to the table. I enjoy going to a baseball game. There are too many games in a season for me to follow it closely, but I enjoy the playoffs and World Series. Basketball is okay during playoffs too, but it seems the officials have way too much power to make or break a basketball game. I learned to like rugby and soccer when I was in New Zealand and there were rugby matches and World Cup on half the channels. I even got really into a golf match some years ago when Tiger was neck and neck with someone (I forget who) on the last couple of holes and it was really competitive - normally I find golf really boring, one of those games that is probably a great deal of fun when you're playing but is rather dull for the spectator. About the only thing I don't like is NASCAR, because I'm not into cars and it seems like the only reason to watch is for a crash. :D
  11. Yep, totally agree with this. I think about my girlfriend whose husband is a geek, and yes, they spend a lot of time doing their own thing - but they still have things they like to do together. I'd like to see the writers find a few such things for Leonard and Penny.
  12. Europa


    Oh, my bad! I didn't realize that science has finished discovering everything.
  13. I think this is pretty realistic, actually. Fact is, you can love a man who's into geek culture and still not embrace it for yourself. I have a dear friend, married 28 years to a geek man who loves all things sci-fi, once spent night after night for several weeks recording (on tape, this was the 90s) every single episode of Star Trek - and he had to sit through them because he wanted to keep out the commercials - has a collection of Next Generation figures in the original packaging, etc. She has endured yearly marathons of Star Trek/Star Wars films and accompanied him to the PAX East conference in Boston last year (and begged me and my friend to join her so she'd have someone to hang out with while he and her son were geeking out all day). Point being, she can pull out quotes from the movies like Penny does, knows who's who and what it's all about, but she DOES NOT CARE. Doesn't find it terribly interesting. She indulges her husband and kids because they love it, but you will never find her joining in a game of D&D or buying a comic book as anything other than a gift. When you love someone, you indulge their hobbies and obsessions because you love them and it gives them happiness, and it doesn't matter whether or not you enjoy it yourself.
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    And that is your opinion.
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