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  1. It's okay, everyone. We'll just all us girls agree never to ask out BigBang and all will be well. :D
  2. Hear, hear. I hate laugh tracks. It was the thing that kept me from getting into this show until recently. Your audience shouldn't have to be told what's funny.
  3. Europa


    Well, that leaves one possibility: bisexual! :D
  4. Well, technically Leonard is Sheldon's best friend, isn't he? Or the closest thing Sheldon has to a best friend? It would be a really, really awkward situation, to say the least, to go out with your best friend's ex, particularly when you know the guy is still in love with her (whether Leonard admits it or not). So without going into why one of them might be good for her where the other isn't, at the very least it would create a huge amount of tension and probably mess up all three friendships (and the show's dynamics).
  5. This is another case of writers Terrified To Get The Couple Together. Hollywood writers in general are all so afraid of trying to write a relationship without the will they/won't they sexual tension still playing a part that they reach for increasingly poor excuses to prolong the chase. It works to a point, but more often than not, it just gets old and/or baffling, as in this case - didn't Penny already have the realization that she made a mistake letting Leonard go? Why is she still having second thoughts about her feelings for him? It makes no sense because it's plot device, nothing more. Preach it, sister. I'm with you - waiting for a man to overcome his fear of rejection is sometimes a very long wait. Might as well get out there and risk it ourselves. (I'd think men would be happy with this development, as it puts less onus on them for always feeling like they have to make the move?)
  6. Sheldon's mother wasn't at the wedding. She was yelling at Howard's mother. Oops, yeah, that was what I meant.
  7. I like her. The voice is a little bit awful but I've gotten used to it. I love that she said straight up she's "much smarter than Howard" and I loved the way she yelled at Sheldon's mother at the wedding. I also like how she's sort of in-between Penny and Amy - she's smart but not just a brain; she's pretty but it's not her main defining quality. And she's upstanding but not perfect - I laughed really hard when she ran back for the boots at the donation bin. "It's okay I serve soup to poor people!" :D
  8. Watching the Celtics trying to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. Damn it!
  9. Europa

    If you ...

    How could you get rid of Sheldon and keep the premise? Isn't part of the premise "how Sheldon interacts with slightly more normal people"?
  10. I can't pick one place! There's so many beautiful places in the world! Italy in general - Florence, Venice, Rome, Sorrento, Capri - I loved it all. I loved London, too. I always thought 'beans on toast' was just some weird thing my friend with an English mother used to eat until I saw it in a cafe there. Tanzania is quite amazing and I had an awesome time in Zanzibar. Between the carnival feeling at night along the waterfront, the history of Stone Town, super cheap and unbelievably delicious food, pristine beaches and our tour of a spice farm, it was one of the most unique and fun times I can remember. And oh, New Zealand. Gorgeous country. The north island reminded me of England with its green pastureland and rock walls; the south island actually reminded me a lot of home - Colorado. Christchurch was one of the most beautiful cities I've ever seen. It makes me so sad that so much of it was damaged in the earthquakes. And the people in NZ were probably the nicest of anywhere I've been. In the US, my favorite cities outside of Denver are Seattle and Boston. For all the places I've been, though, there is no place like Colorado. Every time I come back and see that wall of the Rockies, I know there's nowhere else I'd rather live.
  11. I like it, although for a while it was bugging me because it sounds like he says fourteen million years ago.
  12. Thanks for the welcome, everyone!
  13. Oh, I hear you. I just got into this show a few weeks ago, so seeing it devolve into "another romantic sitcom" is a little different for me (especially since the reruns are all over the place and the episodes aren't shown in order). But yeah - I watch The Office, so I get what you mean. Such a brilliant show for the first few years! But the writers inevitably tend to forget about the little things that make these shows unique, and just churn out scripts that aren't true to the characters, that force relationships where there's no chemistry or even any apparent reason for it... it's sad. I liked the episodes that had to do with the dumb stuff that happens in an office, just like this show is best when they focus on geek things like Sheldon's WoW account being hacked. (I only saw that once - please don't throw garbage at me if it was a different game ) Ah, Fawlty Towers. What a great show that was. The one where his car breaks down and he's beating on it with a tree branch still makes me laugh hysterically.
  14. I like the idea of change because it's normal. Nobody lives in a vacuum, and the experiences and relationships you have over the years change you, even in very subtle ways. The challenge with the writers is to allow Sheldon to grow without taking away all the things that make him Sheldon. Romantic relationships, in particular, have a huge effect - you end up doing different things, hanging out with more and different people as you incorporate that other person's family and friends into your life. To ignore all that and keep the characters in a bubble where everything that happens to them has little to no effect on their personalities just isn't real. Of course, yes, it's a sitcom, so it doesn't have to be 'real.' But if a show goes on for more than a few years, it's inevitable. The Brits seem to have figured out a way around this by having their shows end after just a couple of years.
  15. Sheldon has certainly shown that he does have basic human decency and isn't a completely selfish man. But Penny is a physical person, if you take the constant references to her many previous lovers seriously - how could she be happy with a man who doesn't like to be touched? All else aside, physical contact is important in (most) romantic relationships and I can't see her being happy with a germophobe for any length of time.
  16. Nah, it just means you love the show. I can do pretty much the same thing with the first four seasons of The Office.
  17. I'm a hockey and football girl. You can't live in Denver without watching the Broncos, and I love the Avs. I like basketball, too, if my team is worth watching - the Nuggets have been a lot more competitive in recent years. I'll root for the Rockies but since I didn't grow up around baseball, it's hard for me to get too into it. I like watching the Finals of any sport, though. The Kings are killing it! I'm not a fan but it's impressive how they've just stormed through the playoffs. Is anybody watching the NBA? I think the Spurs are going all the way. Re: soccer - it might be more popular in this country if they'd market it. And, you know, televise it. Maybe it's just because I like sports anyway, but it seems like increased exposure would help - I spent three weeks in New Zealand during the World Cup and ended up watching a lot of soccer simply because it was on all the time. Oh, and RUGBY! The Kiwis are very fond of their rugby. :D And they were both really fun to watch.
  18. Hi everyone, I joined a couple of days ago and didn't see an Introductions thread until now. I just got into the show pretty recently and am catching up on all the seasons (thank you, TBS marathons and late-night syndication!). I used to (well, I still do) kind of have a thing against laugh-track comedies, but this show is so funny, and I have grown to love the characters. Definitely my new favorite show. See you all around the forum!
  19. Oh, man, yes, all of this. Although they've developed a certain affection over the years, Sheldon has pure contempt for Penny - what kind of relationship would that be? And Penny has contempt for him too - he may be a super-genius, but he's socially retarded and very much lacking in common sense much of the time. Their relationship consists mostly of biting insults and thinly concealed disdain for one another, sprinkled here and there with some nice moments when they treat each other like worthwhile human beings. But a relationship?! Egad!
  20. Excellent points all around, HeWolf. The respect issue is also why Penny and Sheldon would be a horrible pairing - he has zero respect for her and can't refrain from openly mocking her sub-Sheldon intelligence. I think there's hope for Leonard and Penny though, if only because there is genuine affection there. While her attitude of "you're such a nerd I can't believe you like this silly stuff" doesn't show much respect, I believe much of that is also just there for the comedy. Ultimately, though, it's as you said - she knows she has the upper hand in the relationship. It'll be a great thing for both characters if the writers give Leonard more of a backbone - even to breaking up with her - and then give Penny a chance for some solid character growth as she realizes she's been taking him for granted. It's kind of already been done though with the Priya thing - making Penny realize she didn't know what she had till it was gone - so, it'll be interesting to see how their relationship progresses.
  21. I'm new to the show, and have been catching up via reruns and on-demand. But I really like Amy. I find her 'hitting' on Penny to be kind of hilarious, mostly because she doesn't seem to be attracted TO Penny so much as she thinks Penny is the epitome of a desirable female, which Amy admires and envies. I also like her relationship with Sheldon. She's enough like him that they will always understand each other and be able to talk to each other, having that relationship of the mind. But she also knows herself and what she needs and wants, and isn't afraid to just go after it - I loved when she just systematically began doing things to make Sheldon feel happy like when he was a kid, in a deliberate attempt to make him love her. Awesome.
  22. This. It's not that I didn't like Priya - I just didn't like how she treated Leonard. I just got into this show a few weeks ago (thank you, TBS marathons!) so I've had a lot of catching up to do. Something I'm torn between baffled and annoyed by is the relationship between Penny and Leonard. I realize that TV writers are terrified of actually getting the main couple together and letting them stay that way, but the back and forth between these two is aggravating. Does she love him or not? The problem with trying to drag out the will they/won't they for too long is that it either starts make people a) start to not care or it turns their characters so wishy washy you end up rooting for them to stay apart. Ross and Rachel being the best example, of course - by the time they finally got them back together, it was like eh, who cares?
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