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  1. My tulips are coming up, and it's been in the 50s. Today will be in the 60s. But then it's going to snow this weekend. That doesn't mean it's not spring, that just means it's springtime in Colorado.
  2. The way they're writing Sheldon is the one step forward, two steps back approach that can apparently go on ad infinitum, or until the show wraps up. It's been plainly shown that the only time Sheldon realizes that he completely and utterly takes Amy for granted and MUST make some gesture to show her that he cares for her is when she does something to slap him in the face with this reality - going on a date with someone else, threatening to break up with him. I don't see that changing anytime soon, but I'm not sure how amusing it is anymore. It just makes Amy look kind of pathetic for putting up with it. Perhaps she feels she can't do any better. I'd love to see her meet another man who really is a threat to Sheldon - someone both smart enough to interest her intellectually and affectionate/loving enough to give her the other parts of a boyfriend-girlfriend relationship that she so clearly wants. Save that for the last season, I guess.
  3. I think this sums up nicely where we were and where we're going.
  4. Re: the vibrator joke - my take was that it was meant to be more of an amusement that Sheldon didn't know what it was than any judgment on Penny owning one. Many people own sex toys, it doesn't make them nymphomaniacs. It's like Dan said to DJ about masturbating on that episode of Roseanne: "We all do it, but we never ever talk about it." Personally, I found it far more disturbing that she forgot she had a living creature in her apartment and let it starve to death...
  5. Europa


    *Americans With your self-stated superior grasp of the English language, surely you are aware that an apostrophe is never used to form a plural for anything other than a single letter or number.
  6. They've always made fun of geeks. Season one Raj with the time machine: "How nerdy are we?" Kripke with the robot fight: "Uh, we're all pathetic and creepy and can't get girls?" I'm sure there are plenty more examples but those are the first ones that come to mind. I seem to recall Raj in particular making numerous comments about how geeky and uncool they are.
  7. This. We all know Sheldon's tendency to be oblivious and rude, and that's fine - it's part of who he is and and it's why he's funny. I was annoyed with this in the Closet episode because it seemed like lazy writing. We need to throw in some funny during this fairly serious storyline, so we'll just have Sheldon be an ass. I guess it's not really out of character but it rubbed me the wrong way. The human shield bit was particularly ridiculous. Eh, maybe it was just me.
  8. Maybe Bernadette shouldn't have asked, but people are human, and maybe it bothered her to think that Sheldon - a man who regards her husband as an 'acquaintance' or 'tertiary friend' - was the only one who knew the contents. Or perhaps it was simple curiosity, who knows. I don't think it makes her a bad wife, just a normal human being.
  9. Hmm. I'm still going to go with Leonard, although I like Amy's graduation story too. I really like how they did that. It was a cool solution.
  10. Sheldon referred to it more than once as a "letter" - that was Leonard's, right?
  11. I love Howard. He was one of my favorites even as a skeevy perv but he's stayed one of my favorites because Simon plays him so well. Leonard said that was a "pretty cool solution" and I agree - very nicely played by everyone, except Sheldon being an annoying distraction. I hate when they use him that way. He was a real dick to Amy too. Her line about being able to spike your brain to make you feel good all the time was hilarious, I love when she talks about her work. I don't know about Sheldon and Amy sometimes. I can see her getting tired of the way he treats her and talks to her - human shield? 'pawing at me like a bear'? If another man with a brain and a modicum of charm shows some interest in her, I can see her leaving Sheldon. Maybe that'll be a catalyst someday. A nice episode, not hilarious, but sweet, and I liked the use of the whole ensemble in one storyline. Those flow so much better. I saw a lot of comments last week about the commercials, and I really noticed it tonight, the breaks were really long - at one point I got up to do something already thinking I was pushing it, and it was at least three more minutes. I think I managed to load the dishwasher before they came back.
  12. Considering she hasn't had very many partners in the last six years we've been watching her, I have to wonder why the writers seem so determined to keep bringing up her past exploits. Do they want to simply make sure we don't forget she used to be really loose? Or is it supposed to serve a function in explaining why she's commitment-phobic? (Personally, I think it's no more than going for the cheap joke.)
  13. Europa


    Penny's "daddy issues" seem to stem from the remarks they'd made that her father wanted a boy and apparently treated her as one - had her playing sports, gave her a baseball mitt for a gift, basically encouraged her to be a tomboy. Nothing necessarily wrong with that unless it affected how she perceived herself, which it evidently did. So she became a tomboy both out of necessity (living on a farm and all) and to please her father, but it also prompted her to exploit her femininity through lots of sex, interest in fashion, wearing revealing clothes, etc. I agree that her laziness/fear of failure is the root of many of her problems. It would be good to see them tackle this with her character - show her being persistent even when something is difficult. This is both a product of low self esteem and of habit - she's been able, all these years, to be "cute, I get by." The only thing she's struggled with and not given up is acting, so it would be neat to see that work out for her in some way.
  14. Re: Leonard dropping his pants and then working on the shirt - I personally think it would have been funnier if they had cut to him hopping on one leg as he tugged off his pants and shoes.
  15. Why I love Colorado: Snowed on Monday, hard enough that my flight back home from San Francisco was delayed. Next day, and all week, it was very mild, in the 50's. Tonight we have a blizzard coming through, anywhere from 7 to 14 inches of snow. It will be done by Sunday and all evidence melted off by Monday. 60's next week. Spring here is so fun.
  16. Re: Raj's mutism - agreed, this joke/quirk ran its course years ago and they need to aggressively plot out a storyline to fix it. Presumably this girl will be a motivating factor, and it seems fitting that she'd be the one to do so as she has so many issues herself; that is, she'll be more accepting of it and he won't have to feel so pathetic and foolish. I like Lucy a lot so far, so that's my hope, anyway. And I do believe this marks the first time I have been interested to see what happens with Raj.
  17. Hmm, can't say I loved this one. Penny's slutty past has gotten old (plus you'd think she'd quit making constant references to it, especially when it doesn't get a positive reaction). Amy and Bernie made for pretty princesses though. Penny looked...disheveled? Leonard can be such a whiner. I love the guy, but he feels very sorry for himself and it's hard to pity him too much anymore. Get over it already! His little rap was surprisingly funny though. Howard's shirtless dance made me LOL. Raj's date was mildly cute. I do like the Lucy character, she's quite different. I would like to see more of her. It was okay but nothing great. I felt like they could have done more with the kids. Only that one girl even had any questions; seems like they could've done more with that.
  18. Ha! You know, I don't really mind Amy, although her original incarnation as a female Sheldon who didn't want a relationship, wasn't interested in physical contact, etc. was more entertaining to me than the fairly typical girl she's become. Mayim plays her as well as she can, given the material. But it's almost too bad they decided to give Sheldon a girlfriend, because if we're talking about staying true to character, Sheldon would likely never change enough to entertain the idea of having a woman in his life.
  19. No, no, of course not. They have done plenty of drama. It seems to me that the issue many have with Howard is that he is no longer funny, thus the idea that getting rid of Bernadette will bring us back the "old" Howard. What I'm suggesting is that to get rid of Bernie by having her cheat on Howard will not succeed in getting the old Howard back. He will be totally changed by the experience of having his wife cheat on him. Whether or not you feel she's a waste of space, it is clear from the show that Howard does love her, so this would be totally devastating. I suppose they could just have him go right back to being creepy womanizer guy again, but it wouldn't ring true... to me, anyway. Obviously all this is just my opinion and since my dissent doesn't seem to be too welcome, I'll just bow out of the conversation now. I'd hate to be accused of taking a sitcom too seriously.
  20. I guess my main objection is that cheating isn't funny. Cheating is DRAMA. So if this idea is supposed to inject some missing "funny" into the show, it would be the opposite. Or maybe I just don't find the notion of a heartbroken Howard amusing...
  21. Cheating isn't funny. Besides, is there anything more pathetically TV-sitcom-predictable than having someone cheat? Let's just call it "As the Big Bang Turns" and be done with it.
  22. They said things on All in the Family that shows today still shy away from. No comparison.
  23. It's a bit harsh to say nothing good comes out of Hollywood. Yes, the big blockbusters tend to be silly movies with lots of car chases and explosions, but there are still excellent films coming out every year. I saw almost all of the Oscar best picture nominations and they were all outstanding. I still need to see Django. I've always been a big Tarantino fan but things kept getting in the way when I was planning to go.
  24. Of course I'm aware of that, I was raised a Catholic. But the doctrine all comes from Biblical writings, you know. Their interpretations. And there it is again - whose interpretation is judged to be the correct one? If 'correct' can even be accurately judged. This is one of the reasons I drifted away. Pray tell us what IS your opinion, then, since you are determined not to express one in favor of quoting scripture? My impression is that you disapprove of Christmas as unnecessary at best and an evil at worst. Am I incorrect? I do love debate but I don't really want to get into one here because for one, it is derailing the point of the thread, which was not a philosophical question about the veracity of Christmas, and two, debate is generally useless, as it merely entrenches one in the view they had in the first place. You didn't get that my remark about referring to oneself as 'one' was a Sheldon quote?
  25. Actually I think your personal opinion - that Christmas is not sanctioned by the bible and shouldn't be followed- has been made fairly clear, if not explicitly stated. Perhaps I'm wrong. I was raised Catholic and have read the Bible through a couple of times, actually, but I have never been one to memorize verses and I no longer consider myself a Christian. I celebrate Christmas for the reasons I have stated previously, and have zero desire to hunt through the scriptures for chapters and verses supporting the celebration of this holiday. As I said before, if one believes that Jesus is the literal son of God, a miracle birth, God living on the earth, then it seems reasonable to me to want to celebrate the advent of his birth. I'd also suggest that the fact that all the gospels each make a point to tell the story of his birth implies that it's a special occasion and, again, perhaps worthy of celebration. But all this is neither here nor there with me personally because I do not attend church and do not believe that the Bible is anything other than the inspired works of men. I don't view the scriptures through rose tinted glasses seeing only what I want to see; I view the Bible as a book of history and philosophy. Which has been grossly misused over the centuries, incidentally. This is just my opinion, maybe I'll burn in hell for it, who knows. I also have no desire to start a debate or argument with you; I was just trying to point out that it's a tricky thing to call one's own interpretation the "right" one when in fact it is still pretty much just one's own interpretation. (Incidentally I also discovered that one can be beaten up for referring to oneself as "one." :D)
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