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  1. Here's a link to the article. She really didn't like it. http://www.avclub.com/articles/the-bakersfield-expedition,90560/
  2. I was actually looking up some detail of an episode on Wikipedia and read that this episode received mixed to poor reviews. This surprised me since it was one of my favorites of the season. I read the one from the AV club and it was scathing. I just thought it was interesting/odd that considering how well received it was with the fans, others didn't see it that way at all. Made me wonder if I missed something. :D
  3. I don't read reviews, but I saw a few for this episode and they were almost uniformly bad, particularly the storyline with the guys and the notion that zero females like comic books - and that every man who does like comic books is a loser who's never interacted with a woman before. Much of the criticism I read states that the show doesn't celebrate nerd/geek culture, it just makes fun of them week after week.
  4. I love callbacks and would love to see more of them. They are easy to incorporate and do a service for the long time viewer without preventing new viewers from enjoying the show - they might not get it until they see some more reruns, but that's okay. Unfortunately I'm at a loss for many good examples at the moment though...I'll have to think about it. Maybe we could see Penny wearing a Penny Blossom.
  5. Fair enough. What is it you want to see, then? Do you want them to explore Penny's other relationships, let us meet her other friends? Or just stop pairing her with the girls? Or maybe just get her and the other girls out of the way altogether?
  6. Not sure what you mean by this. Are you saying growth perceived by Penny abandoning her previous circle of friends for the guys and their girlfriends? I never thought of it as growth so much as just change... you get older, people move, get new jobs, get married; a lot of friendships don't survive those changes.
  7. Good grief, it's not as though once you've hit 22 they don't let you into college. Not everybody follows the same path in life.
  8. This. What kind of scientists behave the way they did? We're scientists, but we'll just ignore every procedure of quarantine and caution that even common sense, much less scientific protocol, would dictate... I found it so annoying that it made it impossible for me to enjoy the film. That, and I didn't find any of the characters very sympathetic so I couldn't even root for anybody. AND it didn't even answer all the questions I still had. Blech! Very disappointing.
  9. I always found Rachel's stumbling into a corporate executive dream job to be utterly unrealistic. Having a good flair for fashion does not make you a capable businessperson. Penny's situation is much more realistic - years of working in a job she doesn't want so she can pursue her real dream. As for Penny being stupid, I think it's pretty clear she is shown to not necessarily be the sharpest knife in the drawer with some of her remarks, but she's also not a total idiot. "That's right the slow reader used science." While I'll concede she's not brilliant by any means, it seems fundamentally unfair to compare her intelligence to four people with a PhD. And Mr. Wolowitz. I never really noticed any particular similarities in Kaley's mannerisms to those of Jennifer Aniston, but it's been a while since I watched Friends. If anything it's probably just a product of being the same type of character - acknowledged to be not as smart as her friends, more interested in pop culture and fashion, etc.
  10. I don't know... she was quick to go to the hospital when Howard's mom was there, and guilted Sheldon into going too. Called Howard her friend and everything. You make a fair point except for one thing... who else has she ever been "close friends" with on the show? I can't think of anyone who appeared for more than a few seconds. Haven't heard her mention anyone. As you say, it's the nature of the show and giving everyone screen time, but I would argue that she hasn't experiened any character-growth-stunting because of the addition of Amy and Bernie as her friends, since before she knew them we practically never see her being friends with anyone else.
  11. Well, technically (factually!) the only time we have seen Penny with friends at all other than the guys are the football party and the Halloween party - both instances where people you don't normally hang out with much all come together for a party. (I have to wonder how many Husker fans there are in Cali.) Penny has never been shown to have scads of friends. We never saw the three girls she went dancing with and came to the doorway tell the boys they'd have sex with them, ever again. Plot devices all. Bernadette on the other hand was a friend of hers from the Cheesecake Factory - quite realistic, that, a girl she knew and got along with at work, but probably wasn't really "friends" with until she started dating Howard and thus became part of the group that Penny hung out with.
  12. That's a stretch, I think. Penny is not into gaming. She played Halo, ONCE, and then mocked Leonard afterward when he suggested they do it again. She got into that other game (what was it, WoW?), only because she was depressed, and then slammed the lid shut on her laptop when she realized she'd gotten carried away and we have never seen or heard any indication that she ever played it again. While you are correct about the "point" of the episode from the POV of the guys, I feel you missed the point when it comes to the girls. They chose to learn about an interest of their men, something most people do when in a relationship, and in fact they all thought the comics were stupid. When they had a disagreement about an aspect of the story and then wanted to learn more, the "point" was that they were able to see for themselves how the guys can get so engrossed in the details of this supposedly stupid interest of theirs. I thought it was brilliant and didn't find it degrading or insulting in the least. I'd also disagree that the show is exclusively about smart people with geeky interests. It's about several smart people with geeky interests and how they interact with "regular" people. I'm not a huge geek in that I'm not into gaming or comics, but I am a huge Star Trek fan and love sci-fi and Harry Potter. I laugh whenever Sheldon starts to tell some trivial detail about what they're doing - Saturnalia, or where the word "toast" comes from - because I am EXACTLY like that.
  13. Don't worry too much. They will torture us to the end with (probably mostly unnecessary) Lenny drama. In the end, though, all will be well.
  14. Totally true. Sheldon has called Leonard his 'best friend' many times yet that was ruthlessly selfish behavior. However, the show has had at least one other moment where one of them went too far: Leonard keeping up the lie about Sheldon's research at the North Pole. That was a very cruel thing to do. Even if he'd just told him on the plane or something would have redeemed him somewhat - but this is Sheldon's work, his life's goal, and Leonard let him think he'd solved the big mystery? All the way until he got home and was ready to present his findings to all his peers? Way over the line. I thought Leonard was a real asshole in that episode (plus he isn't even mildly remorseful and is interested only in being with Penny). If they think it's funny, they'll write it, even if it feels off with who the characters are in our minds. IMO.
  15. I think the writers will go for the laugh every time. We aren't meant to always read anything into a comment, like Leonard's "I'll never get a girlfriend as pretty again" for instance, as anything other than a throwaway joke. It doesn't mean he only likes her for her looks. It was just supposed to make us chuckle.
  16. So, the fact that nobody's really interested in your crusade and have asked you to stop is not enough to deter you? Okay dokay...
  17. Can't begin to disagree more. I found it a fantastic and hilarious example of how people get so passionate about things that others find absurd. It was sweet that the girls wanted to learn something about an interest of their men that they did not share, and I thought the debate about the nature of Thor's hammer really funny in that there are so many possible ways to interpret the story. Kind of like what we do in these forums, eh?
  18. Oh my, this is one of the best episodes ever! Hilarious! Loved everything about their costumes - the picture-taking had me laughing so hard, especially "Charlie's Angels" - Sheldon in the diner?! wow - and the girls! Arguing about comics! I love it!
  19. This whole argument reminds me of the vicious flame wars that erupted at my Office message board with the Karen vs Pam people. Lighten up everybody, it's just a TV show.
  20. 27 is hardly 'mature,' and Kaley is a pretty woman. If she's ever looking frumpy, blame the wardrobe and hair department.
  21. There are so many conflicting definitions of what constitutes a "nerd" and a "geek" and how to differentiate between them that this argument will likely never reach a consensus of who fits into which, if any, category. Just sayin'.
  22. Well the Egg Salad was a fun episode. :D I loved everything about our couple in this one. I love that Leonard is flattered and happy to have a girl wanting him (which is totally normal!) even though he has zero intention of doing anything about it. Love that Penny is very distinctly jealous and didn't hesitate to just call him out on it (was kind of wondering if she would say anything or just simmer in anger). Love Leonard serenading her in the hall and her reaction. Love that she decided to DO something about her inferiority complex but at the same time, didn't try to force herself into trying to become interested in science ("how do you not kill yourself every day?" made me LOL). I assume that her reference to school indicates that she does intend to keep it up, but doesn't feel she has to become Science Girl to keep Leonard's interest. And of course the glasses - and Leonard's reaction - was hilarious. It looks like they are on very strong footing this season and I hope to see it continue along these lines.
  23. If they get rid of Penny, I'll quit watching because they will have changed the show completely from what it is. There's a couple things wrong with this statement. First, Penny may not like being a waitress and says she sucks at it, but the truth is, it is a pretty well-paying job and offers flexible hours, which is why people do it while they're in school or pursuing other interests. Second, management requires more hours and more responsibility, which is probably not something she's looking for as opposed to just going in for her shift and walking out with her cash.
  24. I thought "He tries very hard" was referring to his status as the King of Foreplay.
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