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  1. I do enjoy the dynamic these two have. Watching them spar about the Pennyblossoms they have such excellent antagonistic chemistry - when she zings him with Radiohead makes me laugh every time. He thinks he's better than everyone, but has to acknowledge her superior knowledge of certain things - unimportant things, lol.
  2. Exactly - not saying it won't happen, but that they will try to take their time with it. Changing the living arrangements will require big overhauls in the show and I think they will wait as long as possible to do that. I feel like now that she's been honest with Leonard that she really does love him, he can relax and not be champing at the bit for more commitment and hurrying the relationship ahead like he was in the past.
  3. Let's not get ahead of ourselves. Penny's longstanding fear of commitment and devotion to her own independence will ensure they don't take the next step of living together for at least another season, I think.
  4. I don't hate anything on that list except the shopping - which I decided to forego this year because, well, I'm broke and there aren't any kids in the family, so everyone else had to just suck it. No presents. Which is fine because everyone else was in the same boat. What I hate is that my oldest brother is always, ALWAYS drunk and ends up ruining any chance of a pleasant afternoon. He is 11 years older than me and left home when I was 7, I didn't see him again for 10 years and to say the least we are not close. My mom died a couple of years ago, so we have no tradition now on where to gather. But last year, I cooked, and he came over with his Rottweiler, was all annoyed that I wouldn't let the dog in the house BECAUSE I HAVE THREE CATS, and while we were watching TV, he looked at this lovely picture of a street in France that I have on the wall above and remarked, "I don't like that picture." Who does that? Holiday or not, why am I supposed to want to see him? Humbug. This year I stayed home with my best friend/roommmate, made a delicious white lasagna, and like you Moonbase watched some Dr Who. I miss my mother, but this was the best Christmas in years.
  5. THAT is a great idea. I can hardly imagine how Sheldon would respond to such a development.
  6. Yes, but Raj and Leonard never had a sexual relationship. That we know of.
  7. Re: sexual tension. I agree that the snarky banter is very fun and flirty, but what about the real issue that would be sex in this relationship? Penny is a very sexual being. How long would she be able to endure a relationship without sex? And how would she succeed in getting Sheldon through puberty (lol) where Amy is currently still struggling? One of the things that makes sexual tension fun is that it isn't consummated and leaves you wanting more; but the only way I can think of Penny succeeding is to basically cut to the chase, strip down and molest him, and then all the tension would be gone. (Also, that would be just so wrong on so many levels.) :D
  8. No kidding C-Trayne, this one episode/scene has created discussion enough to deserve its own thread. :D a) No. NO. b. I don't think so. Particularly as they did nothing to follow it up other than that half-assed "take it back" they attempted with Raj's premature performance. IMO it served only to make both characters look bad. c) Both, but probably "fault" shouldn't be assigned. They were both single consenting adults. But it still had an element of eww that bothered me; Penny for apparently jumping in the sack with anyone, and Raj for taking advantage of the situation when he knew she was drunk. Going at it in Leonard's bed, on top of it, was particularly egregious on Penny's part - Leonard may have "moved on" in her mind, but she still knew - was told by Sheldon - that Leonard was crushed when she broke up with him, and it smacks of either blindly disrespectful or possibly even revenge? I mean her apartment is literally steps away, there is zero reason they couldn't have just crossed the hall. d) Yes, but mostly because of the location. See c). As an emotional betrayal of Leonard, not so much. As far as she knows, he's happy with Priya and no longer giving her a second thought. e) Something'll come to me later.
  9. I saw it yesterday and I enjoyed it, but yes, it was way too long. Ditto about the scene where the dwarves show up to eat him out of house and home. The cinematography was, of course, amazing, but there is a point where I just get bored with yet another battle scene, and the whole escape from the goblin king's realm was utterly unbelievable - everyone survives and nobody has so much as a scratch? I did love the bit with Gollum and the riddles. I don't think it was bad by any means, but stretching this into three films smacks of greed. Yet I'll go see the next one, because I want to see the part with Smaug. I agree that the CGI there at the end was pretty amazing. These films are definitely a visual feast.
  10. They're showing my favorite episode "Staircase Implementation" again and I just noticed that when Howard's mother screams up at him asking about her Oreos, Raj is frantically stuffing them into his mouth. :D
  11. What was wrong with the other thread devoted to this same topic? Personally I think it's a stretch and requires a great deal of creative interpretations, but I have no desire to ruin other peoples' speculation, so have fun...and don't let it ruin the show for you if the canon pairings end up being exactly what the writers intended :D
  12. AD went off the air because of dismal ratings, not because they wanted to go out in a blaze of glory. In the third season there are some hilariously blatant lines in the episodes like "Please tell your friends about this show." :D What I meant was, it could be the reason it is remembered so fondly (now) is that it didn't have a chance to get old and stale.
  13. Arrested Development was awesome. However, I have to wonder if part of why it remains so great is that it was only on for three seasons. Most shows can't keep their keen edge longer than that.
  14. I love the scene where Leonard tries to break up with Dr Stephanie in bed. Her "oh god, here comes the speech" and her whole rundown of how it's going to go: " 'I really like you, but maybe we should spend a little less time together because I need my space, but I'll call you on Tuesday,' and then you never call me so I call you, but you don't call me back, and then when I run into you at the coffee shop you pretend like you're having problems with your voicemail, and I know that you're lying but I pretend like I don't care, even though I'm dying inside." So freaking funny, even if it does hit a little too close to home
  15. That would be nice...or it could just be acknowledged that even though Penny finds these things mostly boring/over her head, she's going because it's something that is an interest of Leonard's. It's a step up from always being the one to pick the movie, etc.
  16. Yes, but Penny is not Barbara Stanwyck, and Sheldon is no Gary Cooper. I don't see how comparing this convention from other Hollywood films and such is in any way indicative of what they're going to do on TBBT. There's been not so much as a whisper of interest or attraction between Penny and Sheldon; just because it's been done before doesn't mean that's where they're going here -- especially considering the overwhelming evidence to the contrary.
  17. You can tag a spoiler by enclosing it in brackets like you do with a quote: [the word "spoiler"] your post And I really appreciate it! Like I said, I have tried to skim past anything that starts out stating it's spoilery, but it's hard not to see the words sometimes, lol. Thanks for letting me be a pain. I love this thread, I don't want to have to avoid it
  18. Shoot. Couldn't look away from that last post before I saw the spoiler. This is probably presumptuous of me to ask, but would everyone be willing to use spoiler tags? I love discussing Leonard and Penny but I really do not like to know what's going to happen - I just enjoy the show more if I go into it without expectations. If that's too much of a pain and nobody wants to use tags, that's fine, I'll just stay out of this thread. But I'll be sad because this is the only thread devoted to my favorite part of the show. I'll check back soon and see what kind of response y'all have...
  19. Europa

    Laugh Track

    Agreed. This is the part of the laugh track that distracts me and makes me notice that it's there.
  20. Watching "The Lunar Excitation." I've always loved this episode, despite Penny shutting the door in his face. I love how they've "ruined" each other. Leonard delivers the line like he's just mirroring what Penny said, but it's true.
  21. "The Staircase Implementation" is one of my favorite episodes. So many great moments. I particularly love when Sheldon turns the flag upside down. :D
  22. I dunno, I enjoy the occasional filler episode that is meant solely to entertain and not to further any plot or character developments. As long a there's not too many of them, they offer a nice respite on occasion. I think this one did a great job of just that.
  23. Hmm, I will have to agree that Sheldon stripping down in the car was pretty OOC for a germophobe. Also I wondered how he managed to get naked so fast, lol.
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