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  1. Lol! That's funny. That really doesn't sound like Johnny and Kaley at all! I'm sure they couldn't be happier for the success of Jim and Mayim. I think the only reason Jim doesn't go and talk to fans is because they've been so forward with him in the past (maybe not the studio audience, but just in general).
  2. Oh my gosh! Penny has put so much time, money, and sacrifice into trying to be an actress. If Amy inadvertently disfigured Penny in any way whatsoever, she could probably sue for cosmetic surgery. A guy gets punched in the nose and it's not a big deal, -it even adds character! But a young woman with a struggling acting career, that's like, "just shoot me now"!
  3. AAHH! I'm so excited to watch this one! Finally, Leonard gets some love!
  4. Just for Halloween, I'm re-posting the link to the requested fanfic The Wonderful Wizard of Woz, and the corresponding photo edits. Hope you enjoy! The Wonderful Wizard of Woz
  5. Aw come on, let he who has never been perceived as insipid cast the first stone. lol
  6. "dumbass comment"? Hang on, are we talking about the same moment here? I was under the impression that all Kunal was saying, was that he hopes he doesn't have to make out with Stewart, because he'd rather be with a supermodel. A little juvenile? Probably. But I never got the impression that if the writers were to put that in the script, that he would throw a tantrum and refuse. Not at all. And honestly, I think Johnny and Kunal have a great friendship and even some level of affection for one another, and I don't think Johnny would ever use the word "dumbass" to describe anything Kunal said, so I don't understand in what way you think you agree with Johnny. Especially when they both seem to be very strongly in favor of gay rights. Also, this: https://twitter.com/kunalnayyar/status/72728675858128896
  7. I thought Dale was hilarious, and I equally loved Leonard's reaction to him! Sorry to try to debug your gaydar, but Johnny's not gay. He's vastly more comfortable with the whole idea of homosexuality than most straight men, so I see no reason why he should want to keep it a secret if he were. Also, he seems very withdrawn and private, as a person, and what little the media does glean from his relationships implies that he keeps having pretty secretive relationships, all with women. But he does get asked quite a lot whether he's gay. And in Chicago, a bar tender apparently gave him the name "bitchfingers" for his somewhat feminine hand gestures. But I believe that if Johnny really were gay, (because he feels so strongly that being gay is nothing to be ashamed of), he would just say so.
  8. Well first of all, I don't think Kunal was refusing anything. He just said he hoped it didn't go that direction. I think he's allowed to have a preference. And second, just because you're an actor, that doesn't mean you have to just accept everything the writers throw at you. Jim expressed that he was not comfortable wearing Leia's metal bikini, and the creators respected that. He also said he hopes Sheldon doesn't eventually have a petri dish baby with Amy, because he doesn't want to work with a kid on the set every day. And he apparently doesn't want to meet the live audience and sign autographs at the filming of the episodes. Jim has his preferences like anyone else would. I don't think that makes him less of an actor, and certainly not less of a person for them, and I feel the same way about Kunal.
  9. I don't think there's anything wrong with what Kunal said, (assuming it was in reference to not wanting Raj to hook up with Stewart). I mean, just imagine that Sheldon was the only one still single, and that in an interview, Jim said he hoped Sheldon didn't develop a romantic relationship with Amy. Nobody would say he was being a jerk. He just doesn't want to kiss a girl. Just because Kunal might not want to make out with another man doesn't mean he hates people who do. It's kind of sad we feel the need to clarify that. But there is a lot of hate out there, so I can see why Johnny might want Kunal to explain a little better. The only thing I saw that was objectionable was when Kunal said Raj should be with a super model. He didn't say Raj should be with someone who loves and appreciates him, just someone who's hot enough to make a living off selling pictures of her body. That said, I think Kunal is a sweet guy, just a little naive.
  10. Yeah, you gotta post yourself wearing the costume.
  11. I am so excited about this episode now! Sounds like a winner! Halloween party, and happy Leonard! I can tell it's going to be a favourite! Thanx for posting!
  12. I really hope you're not trying to say Penny is deeper than most women. lol I seriously do not want to have one of those "nice guys finish last" arguments again. That is so over-used, and under-applicable.
  13. I think what's really drawing ladies in is Leonard's patience, vulnerability, and sincerity. On top of that, being short, and nerdy, and loyal to a fault just makes him a big puppy. What woman doesn't love puppies?
  14. Awww! The poor thing, he's trying so hard. lol Slightly off-topic. How many of us are confident we could color on ourselves like that without the aid of a mirror? You know, legibly? I think I could, but actually trying it might be a different story. lol ... Ah, who'm I kidding? If I ever had "Go Sports" written on my belly, I'd be the dead victim of a hate crime against nerds. lol
  15. As I understand it, they try to use as much real audience reaction to the show as possible. Even if there's a scene with special effects that they have to shoot earlier, they will play it on screens for the audience and record their reactions to add to the audio for when it airs on TV.
  16. HAha! That's awesome! I seriously doubt if it's normal, but unless you seem like a possible threat, I don't see why they should ask you to de-bus. In Sheldon's case, I imagine the situation escalated into something like "Well, what if the driver were to spin off the road, capsize the vehicle and doom us all to a fire-y grave!!?" -Which I imagine would not have gone over so well. Just like talking about blood and vomit at a blood donation, or saying "bomb" on an airplane. I can't believe you did that, that took some guts. lol
  17. Samwise Gamgee makes me cry. I often get a little misty watching movies, but rarely, rarely cry. But when Sam carried Frodo up the volcano, it changed my life! Lol
  18. This is the unfinished project currently in my back yard: Needless to say, my husband and I loved LOTR, books as well as movies, and we are looking forward to The Hobbit. It's a shame about the pub though. There was a restaurant in Houston we used to go to called "The Hobbit." I wonder if they're in trouble now too. It was a great place. Very healthy, very good food. They had a sandwich called The Shire that was just completely stuffed with avocado and sprouts on whole wheat. It was enormous. I said they should sell t-shirt that say "I ate the whole shire" but the best one we got there had Smaug on it. Still pretty cool.
  19. No you're right. I'm not trying to prove anything either. I guess I'm just arguing that beliefs that can't be proven aren't automatically "silly", as Sherminator put it. I guess I might have overreacted. Is this another Dr. Who reference? Lol, if we're going that route, I'd like Rose's temporary super power. She looked like Galadriel with the beams shooting out her eyes and stuff. And she saved the world by sneezing on the Daleks.
  20. OH here we go. Since none of us were present when the world was created, most of us hold onto 1 of 2 BELIEFS. We either belief the universe took millions/billions of years to get to this point or we believe the universe was created in 6 days. If you believe in the theory of 6 days then it would not be hard (in my humble opinion) to believe that GOD could judge us all in one day. Sherminator, I could argue that because the Bible states, "No man knows the day of His coming" that it would be common sense that you wouldn't be able to figure it out with math. Because, by claiming you know it, it means that's not the day. Walnutcowboy has a good point. However, the time duration for the creation of the Earth is measured on God's time, (it would have to be, because clearly no one else was around yet, that's kind of the point) it very well could have been millions or billions of years, and to a being who has lived indefinitely, it's not unthinkable that He would call it a week. And yeah, He could totally judge us all in one week's time (our time) for all I know. Also, pleeeease lets not turn religion into a debate though. Not saying either of you are, I just hope no one does. Can we just agree that some people don't believe, and some people believe anything is possible, and leave it at that? (Sorry, that sounded a little Dr. Who, didn't it? I better lay off. lol)
  21. Aaaand now I'm picturing that scene from Mary Poppins where everyone is stuck on the ceiling because they can't stop giggling. lol
  22. I'm sure he's not really that severe, he was probably just trying to help her regain focus. I thought he was very much in character at that time. He chided Mayim in exactly the tone that Sheldon would use. No wonder Mayim was smiling away! I saw one interview where Johnny Galecki said Kunal cracks up a lot, and just can't seem to come down from it. If it gets too bad, Johnny takes his hand and says "Sometimes... babies die." And that will actually help Kunal shake off the giggles and get the scene done. I'm sure Jim was holding onto his character to some degree, but I can't help but feel like that blooper between Jim and Mayim is similar to what Johnny was talking about.
  23. Nah, socks rock. "Studies have shown that keeping your extremities warm helps vasodilation of your blood veins, which in turn promotes sleepiness. So yes, let’s hear it for a comeback of socks in bed!" - it was on yahoo lifestyle so it must be true. I always thought that wearing socks to bed was a good way to get athlete's foot--your toes need to air out! I don't think so, I only ever had athlete's foot once years ago and that was from wearing trainers all the time. I only wear them to exercise now but I like hiding my feet. I guess I'm not that fond of them, I rarely go barefoot. I think actually the only time I wear socks at all is to bed, in winter. I would highly recommend it.
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