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  1. Sorry for the lead in to this thread. Although I am an active user of a couple of conspiracy theory forums, I felt I just had to join to put down in words what the show means to me who suffers from bipolar. I take my meds, but sometimes I can still get down and depressed and then that is when I search through my cable channels to see if there is an episode of TBBT. I dont laugh much at many supposedly comedy shows that are on, but I do laugh out loud, lol, lolz, at TBBT and mostly Sheldon. He just cracks me up. I can relate to him because I have some of the traits of OCD that he has on the show. I like things how I like them. I am very fussy with my food, where I sit and what people do around me. I dont suffer arrogant fools at all but Sheldon as I said cracks me up and gets me out of my downer, which is a feat in itself. I am an Australian female, 58 years old, a mother and grandmother to 5 and live by myself with my cat, having been divorced for a couple of years now, not that anyone cares, lol. So the show helps me and I am sure it must help others as well so thanks for that guys. I will say another thing and that is I wasnt very happy when I heard that the cast were getting paid such a piddly amount. I know Sheldon, Leonard and Penny have had a massive increase, but Howard and Raj should also be getting a couple of hundred thousand per episode as well now. I mean heaven's sake, you producers must know your onto a gold mine so be fair and pay those guys the amounts that they deserve; as long as it doesnt go to their heads lol, but be fair and pay them what they deserve; or else you might find me speaking badly of you on another forum. lolz.
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