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  1. A-Z: Animals

  2. The Q&A Game

    Roses (very imaginative). But it's true... Why can't some people just stop talking some times ?
  3. Person above you

    TPAM is soooooooooo nice
  4. Your Country

    I just can't seam to like that series... By the way, we have...DOCTOR WHO !
  5. The Borgias

    I've heard about it, sounds great ! I never watched it though but mabye I will. You convince me...
  6. Argue

    You all say USA is the country of freedom. Well, guess what ? Other countries are free to!(well not all of them) but MOST of them are. The americans come from the english and the Irish. You all think you're so great with your strange accents and sky scrapers. But the UK is greater (and not more "awsome") than the USA ! --------------- Wow ! I really needed to get that out ! My best friend is going on and on about the USA and it really pisses me off.
  7. Argue

    No, he says he transcends the situation but thats because he's just to proud to admit defeat.
  8. Greetings From Germany

    Hello ! Welcome
  9. The 42,000 Replies Thread

  10. This or That?

    Batman English breakfast or continental ?
  11. Your Country

    Lol, walnutcowboy: a very modest person...
  12. Your Country

    We're free to ! We have Rowan Atkinson. Beat that !

    I agree, but it was really scary with that big mouth just behind you ! Scariest episode: the one with the devil. The ood just give me the creep...
  14. A-Z Of Songs

    Stand by me
  15. British TV shows

    Go Fawlty Towers and The Thin Blue . Looooooooooove them !!!!!!!