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  1. An episode based around the game is going to state the name, since its a focal point for the episode, where as the other references in various episodes are pretty brief and as a previous poster has said, most people can recognise World of Warcraft when they see it.
  2. Mean Girls for me, sister owns it watched it a couple of time openly laughed.
  3. I've been playing alot of Zynga poker on FB lately haha. Used to play Cityville too.
  4. Exactly this, It makes you wonder what crazy and delusional morons commission shows that that here in England.
  5. I did not notice that. You learn something new everyday!
  6. http://www.chucklorre.com/ - thats the link where you can view all of them even from all his other shows outside BBT
  7. tehjoshy

    Portal 2

    Theres a Portal 3.. DAMN YOU VALVE. Rather have Half Life 3/Episode 3
  8. the person above me started this thread in the first place.
  9. A Gay Couple. What was the name of the house mate before Leonard moved in with Sheldon?
  10. fellow United Kingdom members rebel! :D GL to all who do enter
  11. Playing Terraria with some friends, not finding it that interesting tbh
  12. tehjoshy

    Portal 2

    Not attempted to buy it or play it since its release. Portal was pretty average. Think there's better games out there that are worth my money haha
  13. Walking Dead is a fantastic series, its awesome as the lead actor (Andrew Lincoln) is a Brit :D!
  14. Raidohead are pretty awesome. Welcome to the forums.
  15. Like your signature says... Maybe it shall never be revealed until the possibility of "Hofstadter" harhar.
  16. WWE fan myself just stuck from childhood. also a follower of man utd & Stevenage FC in English football. also love cricket!
  17. Full version is the way to enjoy it rather than the 30 cut for the show
  18. Wooyay, Watched all the previous panels on youtube last night, so being in the UK ill be looking forward to seeing that one on there too !
  19. Most mobiles are locked to the carrier, therefore the carrier will release there own update of Andriod 4.0 (Icecream Sandwhich) unless your running a sim free manufacture phone. (which you update yourself etcetc). So thats prob why one of you has managed to get 4.0 and the other is still running 2.3, thats at least how it works over here in the UK.
  20. God bless this thread, and all the pictures in it harhar. Seriously, there are some pretty pro ones here of both the male and female cast members3! Just spent the last 30mins viewing all 40 pages :D
  21. I'm kinda hoping penny and leonard just stay together from now on you could make many more interesting storylines that way other than pity over one another.
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